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  • How Window/Door Sensor Works?

    Door Sensor is composed of a wireless transmitter module and a magnetic block. There is a "reed switch" inside the wireless transmitter module. When the distance between the magnet and the reed switch is within 1.5cm, the reed switch is disconnected. Once the distance exceeds 1.5cm, it will alarm
  • Communication Principle of LoRa FHSS (Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum)

    LoRa FHSS (Frequency-Hopping SpreadSpectrum) technology is used when a single packet time may exceed the maximum channel dwell time allowed by relevant regulations. Turn on hopping mode in LoRa by operating RegHopPeriod and FreqHoppingPeriod registers with non-zero values.
  • Application of Radio Frequency in the Internet of Things

    Just as the literal meaning of "IoT = Things + Internet", data transmission is required to connect to the Internet. The non-contact data transmission is the application scenario of radio frequency. Almost all IoT products will have RF transmission. The RF transmission with low transmit power has a short distance...
  • What is Switching Value RF Transmitter/Receiver Module?

    What is Switching Value RF Transmitter/Receiver Module? The switching value is the on-off signal, it is also called PLC switch value, which can be understood as pulse value. Switching Value RF Transmitter/Receiver Module is a device that can collect input/control output of switch signals (I/O signals)...
  • Which FSK Transceiver Module is better, Si4438 RF module or Si4463 RF module?

    Both Si4438 and Si4463 are RF chips launched by Silicon Labs. The RF modules developed from these two chips have their own advantages and strengths. The performance of Si4463 RF module is far better than the Si4438 RF module. If cost is not a problem, the Si4463 RF module is definitely the best choice.
  • What is the Receiving Sensitivity and How does it affect the Transmission Distance?

    The receiving sensitivity is the minimum signal receiving power that the RF receiver can take out the useful signal correctly. The receiving sensitivity of wireless transmission is similar to people's hearing when they are communicating
  • What is the Most Real-Time IoT Applications Nowadays?

    What is the most Real-Time IoT Applications? Smart medical, Smart Homes, Smart City, Intelligent Agriculture, Smart Industrial, Smart Supply Chain, Retail Purpose Applications, Smart Transportation, Smart Grid, Smart Wearables...
  • What is dBm? What does it have to do with the power unit mW?

    What is dBm? What does it have to do with the power unit mW? dBm means decibel milliwatt, full name in English is "decibel relative to one milliwatt", which refers to the absolute value of power. While db is a pure counting unit, representing a relative value, it must be the result of comparison...
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