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Spring Antenna 315MHz T16

315Mhz Spring Antenna with High Gain (3dBi), which can work fantastically with just about any 315MHz RF receiver / RF transmitter.
  • 50Ω
  • DL-T16-315M
  • 315MHz
  • Phosphor bronze; Gold-plated
  • 1W
  • N/M
  • -40 ~ +85℃
  • 35.5*5.5mm

315MHz Spring Antenna with High Gain 3~3.5 dBi

Antenna introduction:

This spring coil antenna matches great with any of our 315MHz RF Modules. It is a high quality RF antenna, with 35.5mm length, and has 3dBi of gain and 50Ω impedance, so it will work fantastically with just about any 315MHz RF receiver / RF transmitter. The structure of this spring antenna is simple, lightweight, and it is made of copper-clad wire, so you can solder it easily.

Though this T16 Spring Antenna is in the 315MHz frequency band, we also have other 433/470/868/915/824-960/1710-1990MHz spring antennas, please contact us for more details, if you need to do any customization. Welcome to inquire!

Antenna characteristics:

● High gain

● Strong compati bility

● Good stability

Application field:

 Smart Express Cabinet

 Security alarm

 Smart buildings, smart buildings

 Smart home

 Power monitoring

● Smart Industry

 Traffic monitoring equipment

 Smart Agriculture

● Temperature and humidity monitor


 Medical automation

 Wireless module

Electrical Parameters:

Return loss135/46MHz
Linear polarizationVertical
MaterialPhosphor bronze; Gold-plated
Operating temperature-10 ~ 70 ° C
Storage temperature-40 ~ +85℃