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433MHz T7 Spring Antenna with 2.15dBi Gain

433MHz T7 Spring Antenna with 2.15dBi Gain, which can work fantastically with just about any 433MHz wireless receiver/transmitter
  • 50Ω
  • DL-T7-433M
  • 433MHz
  • Phosphor bronze;Gold-plated
  • 1W
  • N/M
  • -40 ~ +85℃
  • 38.5x5.5mm

433MHz Spring Antenna with 2.15dBi Gain

Antenna introduction:

This T7 spring coil antenna matches great with our 433MHz RF Modules. The structure is simple, lightweight, and they're made of copper-clad wire, so you can solder them easily.

It is 38.5mm long, and has 2.15dBi of gain and 50Ω impedance, which works fantastically with 433MHz wireless receiver/transmitter.

We can customize the packaging, antenna size, as well as design style according to your requirements, welcome to inquire!

Antenna characteristics:

● High gain

● Strong compati bility

● Good stability

Application field:

 Smart Express Cabinet

 Security alarm

 Smart buildings, smart buildings

 Smart home

 Power monitoring

 Smart Industry

 Traffic monitoring equipment

 Smart Agriculture

Temperature and humidity monitor


 Medical automation

 Wireless module

Electrical test report:

Return loss135/46MHz
Linear polarizationVertical
MaterialPhosphor bronze; Gold-plated
Operating temperature-10 ~ 70°C
Storage temperature-40 ~ +85℃