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DreamLNK's Bluetooth 5.0 DK-A Development Kit Was Officially Released

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Shenzhen DreamLNK Technology Co., Ltd. is expected to officially released its "Bluetooth 5.0 development board DK-A" on October 1st, 2019.  Dk-a was designed with Chinese red color, high color value, exquisite appearance, exquisite layout and high cost performance. 

Mr AI, CEO of DreamLNK attended the conference and officially launched the "Bluetooth 5.0 development board nrf52832 EVAL KIT DK-A". This conference invited many friends from domestic and overseas, we have discussed how to integrate resources, and how to comply with the industry development trend and promote the implementation of refined concept in the process of promoting the intelligent transformation of industry under the background of rapid development of Internet of things technology. 

Bluetooth 5.0 development board has realized cross-border and integration among industries, and has successfully landed in multiple fields. What is the core function, and which kind of promotion will the newly upgraded DK-A bring to the whole industry?

Dk-a is a Bluetooth 5.0 development kit based on nrf52832. It has raspberry pie and Arduino compatible interfaces on board, with multiple resources. It can meet most Internet of Things application scenarios

● Support the new generation of Bluetooth technology 5.0, compared with Bluetooth 4.0, the data communication speed can be increased to 2 times, up to 2Mbps, and the transmission distance is longer, which can be expanded to 4 times of the original distance.

● It supports Bluetooth mesh and 2.4GHz protocol, which can control more devices and use more widely.

● Based on the arm cortex-m4f architecture design, it has 1MB flash and 256Kb ram, running speed up to 64mhz, and can run small RTOS.

● Smart and complete, 2.4G wireless full coverage; smart and beautiful, only ingenuity integration

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