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Wireless Industrial Controller

Industrial wireless remote controls are increasingly used in various industrial fields, and have received many positive responses. By using the industrial wireless remote-control system, workers can hold the portable transmitter, walk freely, and choose the best position to operate. 
This improves the working environment for employees, improves safety, and reduces accidents such as work-related injuries ...

Medical Facility

Provide modular and customized medical instrument modules, with medical-grade testing standards, to help the medical companies develop their own testing instruments.We provide you with various medical instrument modules, from independent single-function medical detection instrument modules to all-in-one medical instrument modules, which can be applied to clinical medical detection equipmen ...

BLE Intelligent Closestool

Advantages of BLE Bluetooth technology: low power consumption, pass-through transmission, stable and reliable performance, compact size, suitable for integration. This also makes BLE Bluetooth technology more sought-after in the market, especially after the Bluetooth 5.0 standard and Bluetooth Mesh technology launched. It has solved the problems of limited transmission distance and networking ...

Smart Linked Integrated Kitchen

With the development of smart home, all of us can enjoy the great convenience brought by this technology. In order to meet the special needs of cooking enthusiasts, the Integrated Kitchen industry has carried out innovations in the kitchen appliance industry and has introduced smart kitchen equipment ...

LoRa Remote Control & UART LoRa Module

This LoRa remote control and wireless UART serial module (solution with software) were both developed based on the SX1278 chip with LoRa modulation technology, combined with a low-power MCU. The remote controller communicates with the SX1278 LoRa chip by the MCU via SPI port, while the UART wireless module provides a TTL serial port, to achieve remote communication and networking between the MCU and the remote controller...

Visual Access Control System for Smart Home

This project include following IoT products: Visual Access Control (FSK Transceiver Module inside), Remote Controller (RF Transmitter inside), and Wireless Doorbell (RF Receiver inside). It is a smart home system which integrates many functions include: face/fingerprint/password recognition, Remote Keyless Entry (RKE), real-time monitor, APP remote alarm, remote control, etc. It is a perfect linkage for smart home application...

Smart Hotel Remote Control System

2.4Ghz RF modules (base on TI CC2500) were selected to use on the Smart Hotel Control System, its sensitivity can reach -98dbm, the maximum transmission rate can reach 500Kbps, and the output power can be configured from -30dbm to +1dbm through the register. These 2.4G RF modules already integrate all radio frequency related functions, so you do not need to have a deep understanding of radio  ...

Window/Door Sensor for COVID-19

PC Alarm, Phone Call Alarm, SMS Remind, APP Information, Real Time Alert.The NB-IoT Door Sensor isolation equipment can scientifically reduce the management tasks of the community administrator.Home isolation and 24-hour real-time monitor, during the Covid-19 epidemic.

Window/Door is opened abnormally, An alarm will be generated remotely,Everything is under control  ...

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