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Development Kits

  • ChirpLAN™ Wireless Gateway Suite
    Model: DL-GW-P30
    Chip: PAN3028
    Frequency: 433Mhz
    Voltage: DC9V2A /POE
    Distance: 3000m
    Size: 17.1*16.1*3.9mm
    ChirpLAN™ Gateway Suite is a series of wireless star networking products designed by DreamLNK for IoT remote communication technology. It has built-in Wireless Local Area Network (LAN), which can easily realize sub-1G and extranet transparent data transmission. The Gateway Suite includes Gateway DL-GW-P30, terminal SPI Wireless Module DL-PAN3028-S, terminal UART Wireless Module DL-P3028MPA with AT command, and demonstration USB dongle DL-DB-USB001.
  • DB-RF001 Development Kit for Wireless Modules
    Model: DB-RF001
    Frequency: 433/315/915/868 MHz
    This DB-RF001 Development Kit consists of a Switch Board and a Motherboard, with two hardware SPI interfaces. The switch board adapts to the common FSK Front-end Modules and LoRa RF Modules. The motherboard integrates a Cortex-M0 32bit MCU (HC32L176KATA from HDSC), and has several common interfaces such as SPI, UART and I2C, while the keys can be used to quickly evaluate the performance of the wireless RF front-end modules.