Design Concept of this Smart Hotel Remote Control System

This intelligent hotel control project was designed based on our TI CC2500 2.4G wireless transceiver modules, it is a full set of modern high-tech equipment with wireless remote-control system. It offers our guests not only a meticulous five-star services, but also a novelty and high-tech experience.

Through the setting of rich scenes and easy-to-use control interface, it provides our guests a considerate and full-featured living environment, which can also help the hotel attract more customers to stay. At the same time, more effective management methods are provided for hotels to improve their management quality and save management costs, such as reduce your material consumption, the energy consumption, labor costs, etc.


Smart Hotels are the Future Development Trend of Hotels and Cater to Fashion Trends.

CAN Bus and 2.4G Wireless Networking Structure

CAN Bus and 2.4G Wireless Networking Structure
2.4G Wireless Module for Smart Hotel
  • Smart Home

  • Smart Security

  • Video Intercom

  • Smart Scene

  • Long Distance

Introduction to the CAN bus of 2.4G Radio Frequency



The CAN bus adopts a multi-master working mode, and any node on the network can send information to other nodes on the network at any time. Considering the actual application environment, in order to reduce the massive wiring work, 2.4G wireless modules are used as a transfer station for data transmission. The wireless technology has the characteristics of low cost, high flexibility, high reliability and short installation time, which can be used in industrial automation, ships, medical equipment, etc.

2.4Ghz RF modules (base on TI CC2500) were selected to use on the Smart Hotel Control System, its sensitivity can reach -98dbm, the maximum transmission rate can reach 500Kbps, and the output power can be configured from -30dbm to +1dbm through the register. These 2.4G RF modules already integrate all radio frequency related functions, so you do not need to have a deep understanding of radio frequency circuit design, which means you can use these 2.4G RF modules to develop wireless products easily with stable performance, in a short time. 






Use the latest IoT technology to create your own unique brand, increase individual charm, form your own competitive advantage, and stand out in the homogeneous competition! For any Smart Hotel Solution needs, please feel free to contact us!

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2.4G Wireless Module for Smart Hotel Control




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