Shenzhen DreamLNK Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech enterprise specializing in ISM band micro-power wireless communication technology. We have a professional R&D team with abundant working experience; can provide you various RF modules, Antennas, and one-stop IOT solution!

As a member of the CLAA (China LoRa Application Alliance), and a third-party design office (of TI, Silicon Labs, Semtech, HopeRF, Panchip), DreamLNK can provide different kinds of RF modules, include SOC embedded data transmission modules, intelligent IoT modules, high-performance data transmission modules (e.g.: 2.4G RF Modules, UART Serial Communication Modules, LoRa Modules, FSK Modules, ASK Modules, BLE Module, 433Mhz RF Moduleetc.) ...    MORE  >>

ODM Service Provided

Sub-Ghz & 2.4Ghz RF Modules Customization,
Digital Transmission Product Development,
Tailor-made Internal/External Antennas...