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Development of Integrated Kitchen

With the development of smart home, all of us can enjoy the great convenience brought by this technology. In order to meet the special needs of cooking enthusiasts, the Integrated Kitchen industry has carried out innovations in the kitchen appliance industry and has introduced smart kitchen equipment.

The Integrated Kitchen uses 3D intelligent suction technology, and the fan intelligently controls the opening and closing to make the cooking environment more comfortable, which completely solves the problem of traditional kitchen (like fume, pollution, etc.). It helps us to create a smoke-free, comfortable, bright open kitchen.

Through mobile communication networks such as 4G and WiFi, the Integrated Kitchen can
easily realize remote control operation, timing switch, and automatic gas/water cut-off…
Smoke-stove linkage
Touch control

Technical principle

Smart smoke stove linkage function: the kitchen ventilator will automatically and synchronously turn on, after start the stove, to prepare for smoke extraction; after turning off the stove, the kitchen ventilator will automatically delay for 1 minute and then turn off; it also has automatic cruise function settings.

Working principle

1. The kitchen ventilator and the cooker should be well-coded at first, to ensure the uniqueness of control;
2. When we ignite the stove, the control system will automatically judge whether the flame is ignited. After being lit, the cooker sends a linkage signal to the kitchen ventilator, and the kitchen ventilator starts quickly (highest speed operation) and enters the working state;
3. After cooking finished (the flame goes out); the kitchen ventilator will automatically turn to the lowest speed for 3 minutes, exhaust the residual oil fumes, and then automatically shut down.
4. In standby mode, the indicator light is half-dark

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