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  • With the continuous progress of science and technology, the method of human manual command and direct control of the signal machine is no longer suitable for the current information age, so remote control is necessary in most of the industry. But there are some issues when we use an ordinary remote control, such as high power consumption, high packet loss rate, but short communication distance with huge delay…

    LoRa, as an ​​​​​​​LPWAN communication technology, changes the previous contradictory relationship between transmission distance and power consumption, and provides us with a simple system that can achieve long-distance, long battery life, and large capacity, which is widely used in IoT sensor networking.

    Take into consideration of its sensitivity, link budget, coverage, anti-interference, transmission rate, current in transmitting / receiving / standby, topological structure and other key features, to develop a remote control with LoRa technology is the best choice with great advantages.

Characteristics of LoRa Technology
Long Range Connects devices up to 30 miles apart in rural areas and penetrates dense urban or deep indoor environments.
Low Power Requires minimal energy, with prolonged battery lifetime of up to 10 years, minimizing battery replacement costs
More Secure Features end-to-end AES128 encryption, mutual authentication, integrity protection, and confidentiality
High Capacity Supports millions of messages per base station, meeting the needs of public network operators serving large markets


  Marine Environment Management and Civilian Use

LoRa technology is used to build low-power wide-area networks. LoRa unmanned ships can conduct island and reef investigations, real-time explosion accidents, sea pollution investigations, etc., and can be remotely controlled.

 ​​​​​​​ For Traffic Signal Remote Control Use

In view of the existing problems in manual control, this LoRa solution can be adopted in traffic signal control as well. The LoRa remote control and the serial communication device can easily realize the wireless remote control of traffic signal lights, based on the actual traffic conditions of the intersection.

Key Features

  • tubiao2
    Topological Structure
     Star Topology, Large Capacity
  • tubiaoEN2
    Wide Coverage
    Above 2KM in an Open Space 
  • tubiaoEN33
    Safe and Reliable
    Private Protocols are Available 
  • tubiaoEN33
    Low Power-consumption
    Receiving Current is Only 4.6mA


Overall Framework






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