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  • High-power ASR6601 LoRa Module with PA & TCXO (433/470Mhz)
    Model: DL-A6601PA-B
    Chip: ARS6601
    Frequency: 433MHz
    Voltage: 3.5~5.3V
    Distance: 6000m
    Size: 26*20.5*2.8mm
    This DL-A6601PA-B wireless transceiver module is a high-power RF module based on the ASR6601 chip solution with LoRa modulation, which integrates a 48MHz main frequency Cortex-M4 low-power core. While this ASR6601 SOC chip is an MCU with RF encapsulated, with higher integration than the SPI+MCU solution, but smaller size.
  • UART Wireless FSK Transceiver Module Base on CMT2310 RF Chip
    Model: DL-RTM300-B
    Chip: CMT2310
    Frequency: 433MHz/868MHz/915MHz
    Voltage: 2.0~3.6V
    Distance: 1800m
    Size: 15*13.8*2.5mm
    DL-RTM300-B RF Module is an UART wireless serial port module with AT commands. It combines an integrated RF Controller with ARM Cortex-M0 32-bit core, 64kB on-chip Flash, 8kB on-chip SRAM, and supports hardware parity check. The Clock Speed of the main frequency can reach up to 48MHz. The high efficiency of receiving sensitivity enables this RF module to have excellent RF performance and strong anti-interference ability in the 420-510MHz/860-950MHz frequency bands.
  • BLE 5.3 Bluetooth Module with TI's SimpleLink™ CC2340R5 Chip
    Model: DL-CC2340-B
    Chip: CC2340R5
    Frequency: BLE
    Voltage: 1.8~3.6V
    Distance: 70M
    Size: 18*12*2.5mm
    DL-CC2340-B BLE module is designed base on TI's SimpleLink™ wireless series CC2340R5 Bluetooth® Low Energy Chip, which uses a 48-MHz Cortex-M0+ kernel, integrates up to 512 KB of flash memory, 36 KB of SRAM,and has up to 15 GPIOs. Moreover, this Bluetooth Low Energy module is equipped with a built-in 48MHz 10PPM external high-speed clock, and 32.768Khz external low-speed clock.
  • RFM95 868/915Mhz SX1276 Wireless Transceiver Modules
    Model: DL-RFM95
    Chip: SX1276
    Frequency: 868/915Mhz
    Voltage: 1.8~3.6 V
    Distance: 3000m
    Size: 16*16*3.9mm
    The 868/915Mhz RFM95 Wireless Transceiver Moduless feature the LoRa long range modem that provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity whilst minimising current consumption.
  • 868MHz/915MHz Transparent UART Transceiver Module with TI CC1310 Chip
    Model: DL-CC1310-B868 (915)
    Chip: CC1310
    Frequency: 868Mhz/915Mhz
    Voltage: 1.8~3.8V
    Distance: 800m
    Size: 18*16*2mm
    DL-CC1310-B Wireless Module is a SoC Transceiver Module (UART Module) with AT command, which was developed based on Texas Instruments' CC1310F128RHBR RF chip. It combines an integrated RF Controller (Cortex®-MO) and a powerful Arm® Cortex®-M3 Processor, which is ideal to use especially for battery power IoT applications.
  • Wireless LoRa Module 433Mhz/868Mhz/915Mhz High Sensitivity (-129dBm) LLCC68
    Model: DL-LLCC68-S
    Chip: LLCC68
    Frequency: 433/868/915MHz
    Voltage: -0.3~3.6V
    Distance: 3000m
    Size: 17.1*16.1*2mm
    DL-LLCC68-S RF module has high receiving sensitivity of -129dBm@LoRa, ultra-low receiving current and dormant current, the transmit power can be configured through software, and the maximum power can reach +22dBm. Compared with traditional modulation technology, LoRa™ modulation technology has obvious advantages in anti-blocking and selection, which solves the problem of distance, anti-interference and power consumption that traditional design schemes cannot take into account at the same time.