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Commit to be a Leader in the RF Module and Wireless Communications Industry!
  • 2020
    • More IoT products were released, and build up strategic cooperation with Sekorm. Successfully developed WiFi serial IoT Sensor product, like Door Sensors, PIR Detectors, etc., 
  • 2019
    • Several smart products (Window/Door Sensors, Smart Doorbells) were released, in-depth cooperation with system integrators.
  • 2018
    • High-end embedded RF modules (BLE/UART Modules) were added into our product line
  • 2017
    • In cooperation with Mobike, and LoRa module / BLE module products were launched
  • 2016
    • Invested an Antenna laboratory and a modern Antenna factory in Dongguan (Tang Xia)
  • 2014
    • Launched 3 series of RF Module products: ASK Wireless modules, FSK Wireless modules, and 2.4G Wirless modules
  • 2013
    • DreamLNK was established in Shenzhen, and company is officially launched