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How to choose the corresponding 433m wireless module

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When it comes to the Internet of Things, we should all be familiar with the development of the Internet of Things today, and it is also gradually entering the field of the market. Slowly with the artificial intelligence, production machinery, no matter whether it is in our lives or work, have been inseparable. After starting the operation of the Internet of Things, when it comes to the Internet of Things market, the indispensable thing is definitely the need to use the control of the wireless module.

The 433m wireless module is widely used in the Internet of Things. So what exactly is the 433 module and what specific functions does it have?

The 433MHz wireless transceiver module uses high-frequency radio frequency technology, so it is also called RF433 radio frequency small module. The longest distance on the market is still a LoRa wireless module.

LoRa is a wireless standard for low-power local area networks created by semtech. Low power consumption is generally difficult to cover long distances. Generally, long-distance power consumption is high. It seems difficult to run if the horse does not eat grass. The name of LoRa is Long Range Radio. Its biggest feature is that it spreads farther than other wireless methods under the same power consumption conditions. It realizes the low power consumption and long-distance unity. It consumes 3-5 times longer distance than traditional wireless radio frequency communication.

LoRa features

Transmission distance: up to 2-5 Km in towns and 15 Km in suburbs.

Working frequency: ISM frequency band includes 433, 868, 915 MHz, etc.

Standard: IEEE 802.15.4g.

Modulation method: Based on spread spectrum technology, a variant of linear modulation spread spectrum (CSS), with forward error correction (FEC) capability, semtech's proprietary patented technology.

Capacity: A LoRa gateway can connect thousands of LoRa nodes.

Security: AES128 encryption.

Transmission rate: Hundreds to tens of Kbps, the lower the rate, the longer the transmission distance. This is much like a person picking things. If they pick more, they will not go too far.

Then we return to the topic, which is composed of a single IC radio frequency front end produced by all-digital technology and ATMEL's AVR single-chip microcomputer. It is a micro transceiver that can transmit data signals at high speed, packaging, error detection, and error correction processing of wirelessly transmitted data. The components adopt industrial-grade standards, and the work is stable and reliable, and the small size is easy to install. Applicable to a wide range of fields such as security alarm, wireless automatic meter reading, home and industrial automation, remote control, wireless data transmission, etc.

The 433m wireless module has low consumption and powerful functions. It is widely used in robot control, smart home, wireless meter reading and other fields. The product is industrial-grade design and suitable for outdoor inferior environments. When the module finds that the distance is not enough in use, it is often recommended to choose a suitable antenna to achieve the purpose of increasing the communication distance. So which antenna is good for 433 wireless module?

The antenna is an important part of the communication system. Its performance directly affects the indicators of the communication system. When selecting the antenna, you must pay attention to its performance. In addition, the antenna gain is one of the important indicators of the antenna. It is the direction factor and efficiency. The product of is the performance of the size of the antenna radiating or receiving radio waves.

About the antenna:

The commonly used wireless module requires an antenna impedance of 50 ohms. The 433 wireless module can use a common 433MHz spring antenna, elbow/straight rod antenna, suction cup antenna, etc. These antennas are special antennas designed for 433MHz wireless communication systems. Standing wave ratio has good performance, ingenious structure, easy installation, stable performance, and has good anti-vibration and aging capabilities. Users can purchase antennas according to their own application environment.

* Aerial model remote control toy

It can be used for industrial data transmission, wireless remote control, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, wireless electronic tag, remote control toy, 2.4g wireless microphone, wireless microphone, wireless speaker, etc.

2.4G products are widely used, and some chips have good performance, but the price is relatively high, making it difficult to enter mass-produced products. In order to reduce the cost, JF24D module uses bare die bonding, although the performance index is slightly lower than the representative nRF2401, CC2500, A7105, but its price is much lower than them, it can fully meet the short distance that generally requires two-way data transmission and two-way remote control Applications.

* Smart home LED lighting remote control

Smart home LED light remote control Many friends will think of using 2.4G wireless module, but in the distance remote control of smart home LED light, 433M wireless module still has its own advantages. At present, ASK unidirectional transmission is generally used. It has a low price and stable transmission. The open space can reach 300 meters. It is generally suitable for transmission within 60 meters. However, as the communication needs of smart homes continue to increase, many users choose to apply the FSK two-way transceiver integrated module to achieve long-distance transmission.

*Wireless smoke detector

In the security field, as the construction of safe cities continues to advance, more and more monitoring points are being monitored. Alarm the smoke from various early fires in time. Intelligent detection technology is accurate, stable, and sensitive, ensuring personal and property safety. In the wireless smoke detector, the 433MHz receiving and transmitting wireless module is indispensable.

From the above perspective, the Internet of Things 433 module includes 2.4g, ASK, FSK, LoRa, Bluetooth, serial port and so on. Therefore, each user should choose the appropriate Internet of Things module with a price advantage according to the specific project or product.

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