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Application of LoRa Module in Smart Meter Reading

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Nowadays, the application of remote wireless transmission is increasing year by year, such as small amount of data transmission between devices like water meters, smoke detectors, and the use of long-distance transmission. More and more enterprises are investing heavily in the construction of low-power WAN, such as LoRa wireless network technology, which has become an important technological progress of the IoT. 

In fact, LoRa technology plays an important role in the development of the Internet of Things, since it is easy to build and deploy. Meanwhile, LoRa module has been widely used because of its mature technology, long transmission distance, low power consumption and strong anti-jamming characteristics.

Key Features of LoRa Technology

Today, let's take Smart Water Meter reading system as an example, to explain how LoRa module works in the AMR. Smart Water Meter reading system can be divided into three parts: Smart water meter, LoRa module and LoRa gateway. 

The main functions of the water meter are forward flow statistics, reverse flow statistics, magnetic interference detection, emergency valve shutoff and wireless transmission of data; the main function of the LoRa module is to control the remote water meter. Carrying out signal relaying and sending; The main function of the LoRa gateway is to receive workstation instructions, manage the water meter, and collect and upload data.

LoRa communication is adopted between the Water Meter, LoRa Module and the LoRa Gateway, which is mainly used for reading the data in the water meter by the LoRa gateway. When the LoRa gateway receives workstation instructions and uploads data, it uses GSM/GPRS communication. When the workstation needs to read the meter, it sends the meter reading instruction through GSM/GPRS. After receiving the instruction, the LoRa gateway sends the meter reading instruction to the water meter through LoRa communication. After receiving the instruction, the water meter returns the data to the LoRa gateway, and the LoRa gateway returns the received data to Workstation to realize the wireless meter reading process.

System Architecture of LoRa Smart Water Meters

Smart water meters using LoRa technology can accurately and quickly collect and record residents' real-time water consumption data, which improves work efficiency and ensures service quality. During the peak period of water consumption, the user's water use information system can comprehensively monitor and balance the regional water consumption, thereby effectively guaranteeing the production of enterprises and the water used by residents.

The LoRa module can reach a communication distance of more than 8KM, which can solve the complex problem of ultra-long distance communication. Its advantages makes it widely used in the fields of smart agriculture, intelligent wireless meter reading, robot control, security system, vehicle tracking, smart city, and will have a very broad development in the future.


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