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DL-CC1310-B Transparent UART Transceiver Module with TI CC1310 Chip

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The CC1310 device is an ultra-low-power, Sub-1 GHz RF device from Texas Instruments™ that is part of the SimpleLink™ microcontroller (MCU) platform. While the DL-CC1310-B Transparent UART Transceiver Module was developed by DreamLNK base on this CC1310 chip. Unlike other similar brand CC1310 RF modules, DreamLNK's DL-CC1310-B UART Transceiver Module enriches the ultimate AT Command configuration and uses a more cutting-edge design.

DL-CC1310-B UART Wireless SoC Transceiver Module (5)

Let's compare this DL-CC1310-B UART Transceiver Module with several common brands UART Module at first:


The DL-CC1310-B UART Transceiver Module has fully functional AT commands that support any serial baud rate setting from 1920bps to 256000bps, which can greatly improve the communication efficiency. It has strong anti-jamming features and support anytime RSSI acquisition, as well as CCA (Clear Channel Assessment) function, which support automatic idle channel checking, and can effectively reduce the probability of signal collision. Moreover, a variety of wireless baud rate (0.6kbps-500kbps) and functions can be also configured, including Long-range Spread Spectrum Mode and Universal Mode, Wake-on-Radio (eWOR) function, etc. All these features can provide simple and efficient solutions for various long-range communication and IoT applications, especially for battery power applications.


Long Range Mode:

Suitable for remote data acquisition/transmission, and the receiver sensitivity can reach up to -124dBm at 0.625 kbps.

High-speed Data Stream Transmission Supported:

Variable length packet segmentation supported under long range transmission

Automatic CCA (Clear Channel Assessment) Function:

Clear/Idle Channel Self-checking before transmitting, which can effectively reduce the co-frequency interference;


Wake-on-Radio (eWOR)  Function:

It can greatly reduces the power consumption for the receiver, suitable for battery-powered applications

What are the Advantages of DL-CC1310-B UART Transceiver Module in low power applications?

Ultra-low Sleep current (<1uA): with very low active RF and MCU current consumption, in addition to flexible low-power modes, the CC1310 device provides excellent battery life and allows long-range operation on small coin-cell batteries.


Under long-range mode, the receiver sensitivity can reach -124dbm when the baud rate of wireless transmission is 0.625kbps. Therefore, a coin-cell battery can ensure long-distance communication, and the service life of ultra-low power battery can be as long as 10 years.

This DL-CC1310-B UART Transceiver Module is available for different frequency bands and can be applied for various applications:

 - DL-CC1310-B-868  868MHz Transparent UART Module:  Frequency @ 868MHz

 - DL-CC1310-B-915  915MHz Transparent UART Module:  Frequency @ 915MHz

 - DL-CC1310-B-433  433Mhz Transparent UART Module:  Frequency @ 433MHz

Typical Application:

● Smart Grid and Automatic Meter Reading (water meter, electricity meter, gas meter)

● Long-Range Data Communication

● Smart Home Systems

● Wireless Sensor Networks

● Industrial Automation (Data Acquisition)

● Remote Control and Telemetry of Field Data

● Various Transmitter, Intelligent Flow Meter Instrument

● Building Automation and Security

● Monitoring and Control of Petroleum Equipment in Mines

● Environment, Energy Saving, Temperature Monitoring

● Intelligent Transportation, Smart City

● Intelligent Robot

● Home and Building Automation

● Wireless Alarm and Security Systems

● Industrial Monitoring and Control

● Wireless M-BUS

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