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DreamLNK and Sekorm Established Cooperative Relationship

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On April 17, 2020, Shenzhen DreamLNK Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Sekorm Component Network Co., Ltd. successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement. 

Shenzhen DreamLNK Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "DreamLNK" in English) is a high-tech enterprise specialized in ISM band micro power wireless communication technology. With professional R & D team and rich RF R & D experience, we can provide customers with various RF modules and one-stop intelligent Internet of things (IOT) solutions. At present, it has become a leading enterprise in the industry, with a series of mature radio frequency products. It is mainly committed to various types of RF modules, including SOC embedded data transmission module, intelligent Internet of things module, ultra-high-performance industrial control data transmission radio and customized wireless product solutions (2.4G module, UART serial module, Lora module, FSK module, ask module, Bluetooth module, WiFi module, etc.), and has a considerable strength in the industry!  

Shenzhen Sekorm Component Network Co., Ltd. is a strategic cooperative distributor of dozens of famous semiconductor enterprises in Greater China, and also an important supplier of many large-scale electronic manufacturing and R & D enterprises. The product business covers industrial electronics, communication electronics, intelligent IOT, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, test and measurement and other important fields. The world strong component e-commerce platform has a large number of users in the electronic industry, advanced innovation programs, technology and reliable supply chain system.  

After this cooperation with world power and world power component e-commerce, relevant module, module, antenna, chip, intelligent product and scheme product data can be inquired and downloaded by world power component e-commerce, and its products can also be inquired and purchased by world power component e-commerce.

We believe that the two sides will continue to deepen strategic cooperation, improve the ability of resource integration, and form a comprehensive, multi-level and three-dimensional industrial layout. We believe that with the joint efforts of both sides, we will continue to expand our territory in the Internet of things market and create new brilliance. At the same time, we are looking forward to more and more excellent enterprises working hand in hand to continue to help the development of China's Internet of things market!

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