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How Bluetooth Module Works? M-B14001 BLE Module Introduction

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Nowadays, most of the Bluetooth modules use chips that support BLE 4.2 protocol and BLE 5.0 protocol, such as nRF52832 Bluetooth chip from NORDIC and CC2541 Bluetooth chip from Texas Instruments. With the continuous change of technology, Bluetooth module has also evolved from the traditional master/slave type to the master-slave integration type.

Taking the Bluetooth module M-B14001 which will be released from DreamLNK as an example. This RF module is a master-slave integrated Bluetooth Module, with UART interface for transparent point-to-point data transmission. We do not need to care about the protocol of transmission, but only need to make simple settings to communicate. This BLE module can be used for data transmission from one master to one slave, as well as one-to-many broadcasting. With the built-in iBeacon protocol, so we can use it as an iBeacon device with simple settings. In addition, we can also develop mobile APPs according to the standard BLE protocol.

Generally speaking, BLE module has four working modes: master mode, slave mode, broadcast mode, and Mesh networking mode.


1. Master Mode

This Bluetooth module M-B14001 supports the master mode and can be connected to a slave device. In this mode, we can search for peripheral devices and select the slave devices we want to connect to. We can also set the MAC address of the default connection from the device so that when the module is powered on, it can be located and connected.

2.  Slave Mode

This Bluetooth module M-B14001 also supports slave mode, in which BLE 5.0 protocol is fully compliant and BLE4.2 protocol is also compatible. We can develop our own APP according to the protocol. This mode contains a service that is sent and received through a serial port. We can find it through the UUID, which includes two channels (read and write). We can operate on these two channels for data transfer. 

If the master device uses this same Bluetooth module M-B14001 to connect to this slave device, then the serial port of the two devices can directly transmit the data transparently, it will establish a simple wireless transmission channel, without paying attention to the protocol inside.

M-B14001 BLE Module

3.  Broadcast Mode 

This Bluetooth module M-B14001 supports broadcast mode as well, in which the BLE module can broadcast one-to-many. Users can set up the data broadcast by the module through AT command. The module can broadcast continuously in low power mode. It can be used in extremely low power consumption, small data, one-way transmission applications, such as wireless meter reading, indoor positioning and other functions.

Note: This module comes with the iBeacon protocol presetted. Users only need a button battery, then they can set parameters through AT command to become an iBeacon device.

4.  Mesh Networking Mode

The Bluetooth module M-B14001 can customize the Mesh networking mode. It can simply add multiple modules to the network. With star network and relay technology, each network can connect more than 65000 nodes. The network and network can also be interconnected. Finally, countless Bluetooth modules can be connected or directly operated through mobile phones, tablets or PCs. A gateway is not required, and even if a device fails, the nearest device is skipped and selected for transmission. The whole networking process only needs the device to power on and set up the communication password to set up the network automatically, which really makes simple interconnection possible.

This Bluetooth module can be widely used in PC peripheral products, toys, Bluetooth headphones, Wireless meter reading, Smart home devices and other fields. Welcome to inquire!

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