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How to Generate RF Parameters in the SDK Development of CC1310?

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The RF parameters of most radio frequency chips from TI can be automatically generated and imported through SmartRF Studio 7, which is very convenient. This article takes CC1310 as an example to explain how to automatically generate RF parameters.

Firstly, please install SmartRF Studio 7 on your computer. The installation software can be downloaded here in this link:

1.  Parameter Selection

CC1310 Device Control Panel

Select Center Frequency:

Typical Settings: select the Center Frequency parameters provided by TI. Please note the different Symbol Rates will result different Deviation and Rx Filter BW, so try to use the matching parameters provided by TI. For example:

CC1310 RF parameters Setting 1

Select specific Transmission Power

CC1310 RF parameters Setting 2

After selecting these parameters, you can export the configuration parameters to overwrite the parameters in the routine

2.  Parameter Export

CC1310 RF parameters Setting 3

CC1310 RF parameters Setting 4

Click Setting to select whether to export the transmission power list

Click Template, select the parameters of the corresponding SDK version, and place the mouse over the corresponding options to prompt the version description

CC1310 RF parameters Setting 5

3.  Overwrite and Update RF Parameters

Overwrite the corresponding .c and .h files in the routine with the .c and .h files generated in above Step 2

CC1310 RF parameters Setting 6

CC1310 RF parameters Setting 7

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