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How to Choose a Suitable 2.4Ghz Wireless Module?

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The 2.4G wireless module works in the 2400M-2483M range of the worldwide application-free ISM band. This band has relatively little interference, high frequency but weak penetration ability. The 2.4G wireless module has a transmission distance of about several dozen meters in an unobstructed environment, and the indoor transmission distance will become shorter. So they are widely used in Smart Home, Consumer Electronics, Wireless Alarm, Security & Protection System, Wireless Sensor Networking, etc.

Frequency bands of wireless modules

So how do we choose the 2.4Ghz wireless module?

1).   We need to select 2.4G wireless module according to our applications. Generally, 2.4G wireless module is not suitable for industrial use, so please do not choose 2.4G wireless module if the working environment is tough. It is generally used in office or home environments, such as smart home, wireless remote control, etc.

2).   2.4G wireless module has been criticized for its transmission distance, which is very short compared to other frequency band modules, so if we require a long transmission distance, please do not choose 2.4G wireless module.

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2.4G RF modules

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