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Is there any RF Module can replace Ai-Thinker's Ra-01 LoRa Module?

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If you are using Ai-Thinker's Ra-01 LoRa Module, and trying to make the replacement without any change to your PCBA. I guess you can try DreamLNK's M-SX1278S2 LoRa Module, it uses same RF Chip SX1278 from SEMTECH, and definitely Pin to Pin with this Ai Thinker's Ra-01 LoRa Module, please see below pin definitions to know more:

SX1278 LORA Module M-SX1278-S2 from DreamLNK& Ai-thinker RA-01

This SX1278 RF module is mainly used for long-range spread spectrum communication. It can resist Minimize current consumption, which can be widely used for Automated Meter Reading, Home and Building Automation, Wireless Alarm and Security Systems, Industrial Monitoring and Control, Long-range Irrigation Systems, etc.


● Frequency range: 433/470/868/915 MHz (137-1020 MHZ can be customized)

● Sensitivity up to -139dBm @Lora

● Maximum output power: 20dBm

● Low receiving current: 10.3mA

● Standby current <200nA

● Data transmission rate: 1.2-300 Kbps @FSK; 0.018-37.5 Kbps @ Lora,

● LoRa, FSK, GFSK and OOK modulation modes

● Built-in antenna electrostatic protection

● 127dB dynamic range RSSI

● 256 bytes FIFO and CRC frequency hopping function

● Built-in temperature sensor and low battery indicator

● Signal is not blocked

● Operating temperature range: -40 ~ +85 °C

● Long range: 3KM in an open air (LoRa modulation)

Key Features of LoRa Technology

As a professional RF module supplier, DreamLNK is specialized in radio frequency field for almost 8 years! Our product ranges also include various RF modules:  433/868/915MHz RF modules, 2.4G RF modules, FSK transceiver modules, Bluetooth modules, etc. Should there is any other question, please kindly let me know.

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