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What are the Regular Frequency Bands of Wireless Modules in Major Countries?

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With the continuous progress of the Internet of Things (IoT)industry, wireless communication technology is also booming. As the most important part of the IoT, wireless module is an important part of all IoT equipment, and has broad market potential. 

The wireless modules' communication can only be realized on a certain frequency band, just as the cars can only run on the road. With the continuous development of the IoT, all countries provide a certain frequency band for the IoT equipment to use. So, what are the regular frequency bands of wireless modules in major countries? I make a conclusion here, hope it can help you. 

Frequency bands of wireless modules

Worldwide: 2.4Ghz 

2.4G is a special frequency band, its frequency band range is 2.4 ~ 2.5GHz, which is widely used in the world. It is a networking protocol developed based on high-speed transmission rate. It has weak diffraction ability, low receiving sensitivity, short transmission distance, strong penetration, easy networking and development. Therefore, 2.4GHz wireless module is generally used in indoor occasions, such as wireless mouse, wireless router and so on. 

North America: 915Mhz 

The conventional frequency band in North America is 902-928mhz, belonging to 915MHz frequency band. 

UK: 915Mhz 

The British conventional frequency band 915-921mhz belongs to 915MHz frequency band. 

Japan: 915Mhz 

Japan's conventional frequency band 916.5-927.5mhz belongs to 915MHz frequency band. 

Korea: 915Mhz 

South Korea's conventional frequency band 915-921mhz belongs to 915MHz frequency band. 

European Union: 868Mhz 

The conventional frequency band of EU is 863-868mhz, belonging to 868mhz frequency band 

India: 433MHz and 868mhz 

India's conventional is 433MHz and 868mhz. While 868mhz is relatively popular in India. 

Southeast Asia: 433MHz and 470MHz 

The frequency bands commonly used in most countries of Southeast Asia are 433MHz and 470MHz. For example, in China, the conventional frequency band ranges from 433.05 to 434.7 HMZ, belonging to the 433 MHz frequency band, and 470MHz is used in the interphone field.

Middle East: 433MHz

Most countries in the Middle East are the same as those in Southeast Asia. The frequency band commonly used is 433MHz.

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