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What is the Relationship Between the RF module and the MCU?

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What is the relationship between the wireless RF module and the MCU, why some RF modules with MCU, and some modules without? Which role is the MCU plays in the RF module? These questions may be troubling you. Let’s learn this together! Before understanding the relationship between RF module and MCU, we should make clear what MCU is.


Microcontroller Unit (MCU) is an integrated circuit chip, it was also called Single Chip Microcomputer. It is a small and perfect microcomputer system which uses VLSI technology to integrate CPU, RAM and other functions (including display drive circuit, pulse width modulation circuit, analog multiplexer, A/D converter and other circuits) with data processing ability on a silicon chip. It's what we often call MCU or Chip. Therefore, it can be understood as follows: MCU is the main controller (or processor) of RF module.   

LORA RF Module with MCU

LoRa1278M RF Module with MCU

Though the RF module does not necessarily to have an MCU, it also need to communicate with other unit, this means it must be worked together with an MCU to send and receive data, such as our front-end RF modules, they do not have an MCU, but the transmission and receiving are still finished through an MCU on the DOMO board.

RF Receiver Module without MCU

ASK Wireless Receive Module without MCU

Some of our wireless modules has MCU, they can transmit and receive data by itself. However, some wireless module without MCU is the best seller in our product lines, like DL-RXC2015 as above.


Why customers prefer wireless module without MCU?


1.  Prices: the price of wireless module with MCU is certainly more expensive than that without MCU.

2.  Needs: some customers need to do their own control integration part, so they choose wireless module without MCU.


Of course, this is my own opinion just FYI, you can choose the proper item according to your needs, and the actual conditions. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us!

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