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Which FSK Transceiver Module is better, Si4438 RF module or Si4463 RF module?

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Both Si4438 and Si4463 are radio frequency chips launched by Silicon Labs. The wireless modules developed from these two chips have their own advantages and strengths. It is difficult to make a correct choice, if you do not have a special knowledge of these two chips. So, I made the difference between these two RF modules for you, hope it can help you to distinguish these two wireless modules.

Firstly, let's have a quick look at the simple parameter comparison between Si4438 and Si4463 chips, which was directly copied from the data sheet of Silicon Labs:

Si4438 & Si4463 RF Chip

I also made a comparison table with our two RF Transceiver Module using these 2 RF chips. From this, we can clearly see the difference between the Si4438 and Si4463 RF modules:

DL-RTS4438 FSK Transceiver Module

DL-RTS4463 FSK Transceiver Module


433.92Mhz (425~525Mhz)

315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz (119~1050Mhz )




Transmit Power (Max.)



RX current



Transmission Rate (Max.)



Communication distance




Lower price

Higher price

1. Frequency

The working frequency supported by the Si4438 RF module is mainly set to 433Mhz only, while the frequency supported by the Si4463 RF module are: 433/470/868/915Mhz. At this point, the Si4463 module is more excellent and can provide multiple frequency bands for us to choose.

2. Sensitivity

The sensitivity of Si4438 RF module is -124dBm, and Si4463 RF module is -126dBm. The bigger number means a greater sensitivity, and a better performance. So, in terms of sensitivity, the Si4463 module is better.

3. Receive current

The lower the receiving current, the lower the power consumption. The receiving current of Si4438 RF module is 14mA and Si4463 RF module is 10~13mA. In terms of low power consumption, Si4463 RF module is also better.

4. Maximum Transmission Rate

Regardless of the transmission distance, the higher the transmission rate, the more data can be transmitted per unit time. The maximum rate of the Si4438 RF module is 500Kbps, and the Si4463 RF module is 1000Kbps. The transmission rate of Si4463 RF module is undoubtedly better.

5. Transmission distance

The transmission distance of the Si4438 RF module is 1200~1800 meters, while the transmission distance of the Si4463 is 1800~2000 meters. In terms of transmission distance, the Si4463 RF module once again wins the Si4438 RF module.

FSK Transceiver Module DL-RTS4438

FSK Transceiver Module DL-RTS4463

From the detailed comparison of the above parameters, the performance of the Si4463 RF module is far better than that of the Si4438 RF module. If you do not consider the cost, choosing the Si4463 RF module is definitely the best choice.

But if the budget is tight and the Si4438 RF module can meet the needs of our project, we do not need to choose the high-cost option of Si4463. 

Anyway, we choose a product not only because of its cost, nor its performance. "The Most Suitable One is the Best One", I think this is the correct principle! Contact us <> for more details, if you need any RF modules.

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