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System on a chip (SoC) module

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A system on a chip (SoC) combines the required electronic circuits of various computer components onto a single, integrated chip (IC). SoC is a complete electronic substrate system that may contain analog, digital, mixed-signal or radio frequency functions. Its components usually include a graphical processing unit (GPU), a central processing unit (CPU) that may be multi-core, and system memory (RAM).

An System on a chip (SoC) module is the same as a transceiver module, but it is often made with an onboard microcontroller. The microcontroller is typically used to handle radio data packetisation or managing a protocol such as an IEEE 802.15.4 compliant module. This type of module is typically used for designs that require additional processing for compliance with a protocol when the designer does not wish to incorporate this processing into the host microcontroller.

Because SOC includes both the hardware and software, it uses less power, has better performance, requires less space and is more reliable than multi-chip systems. Most system-on-chips today come inside mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Our SoC RF modules are also widely used on the smart products, especially smart home products

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