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TI CC2500 Based 2.4G RF Module (PA and LNA) with 650M Long Range

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TI CC2500 chip is a 2.4GHz high performance RF transceiver designed for ultra-low power RF applications. It is mainly for ISM (industrial, scientific and medical) and short-range wireless communication equipment (SRD) use. It provides extensive hardware support for Packet Processing, Data Buffering, Burst Transmission, Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI), Clear Channel Assessment (CCA), Link Quality Indication, and Wake-on Radio (WOR). 

CC2500 is a unique product in TI's product series, which adopts private communication technology, namely, only TI's private communication technology is used to achieve 2.4GHz communication on CC2500. Although Bluetooth and Zigbee both use this band, private protocols can guarantee access for unauthorized users. Moreover, CC2500's low power consumption is also a Tag.

DL-24PA-C 2.4G RF module with CC2500 Chip

In order to meet the different requirements, DreamLNK has also timely upgraded our old version 2.4G wireless module DL-24PA (CC2500 wafer binding version RF module). Now DreamLNK has launched the DL-24PA-C module based on CC2500RGPR chip. It is a 2.4G wireless transceiver module with PA+LNA, which ranges 650M ultra-long distance, with ultra-low power. Its carrier frequency range is adjustable from 2.400GHz to 2.483GHz, can be used to achieve multi-channel communication. 

This 2.4G wireless module is widely used in the fields of smart home, toys, model airplane and near range digital transmission control. Sensitivity up to -104dbm, maximum data transmission rate up to 500Kbps, output power through register configuration range -30dbm to 20dbm.

Test results of this DL-24PA-C 2.4G wireless module:

Location: Shenzhen Bay open seaside;

Testing Environment: Sunny, 24°C;

Antenna Gain: 3dBi;

Testing Results: Open distance 650 meters, stable transceiver.

2.4G RF Module Field Testing


● 650 meters long transmission distance (250Kbps, in an open air);

● Working Frequency: 2400-2483mhz;

● Working Voltage: 1.8V~3.6V;

● Modulation: support FSK, GFSK, OOK and MFSK

● Programmable carrier detection, digital RSSI output;

● Immersion gold board, high cost performance

● High frequency power amplifier with stable performance

DreamLnk also has many different kinds of 2.4G Wireless Modules, you may click here (2.4G RF Modules from DreamLnk do) to download the presentation of 2.4G Wireless Modules from DreamLNK for future reference.

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