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What FSK Transceiver Module Should I Choose Under the Worldwide Chip Crisis?

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With the continuous development of the IoT industry, the application of RF modules has become more and more extensive. However, with the intensification of COVID-19 Pandemic & China-USA Trade War, the global chip shortage is unexpectedly coming in the year 2020, which is becoming worse now, and to morph into an ongoing Worldwide Chip Crisis. It is affecting more than 169 industries and has led to major shortages and queues amongst consumers for smart home industry, consumer electronic industry, auto industry and other electrical devices. 

Worldwide Chip Crisis

During this Chip Crisis, many European and American RF chips (e.g.: CC1101 from TI; Si4432 / Si4463/ Si4438 from Silicon Labs) continue to suffer from supply cuts, and many RF Module manufacturers like DreamLnk are also facing huge challenges. Some of our clients are asking: what FSK Transceiver Module should I choose now? 

Today, I would like to introduce a cost-effective RF module from DreamLNK, it is our high performance FSK Transceiver Module DL-RTM300, which can work in 3 frequency bands (433/868/915MHz), and can be normally produced without any problem. 

Frequency bands of wireless modules

DL-RTM300-433M: RF module with frequency of 433MHz (for Asia Pacific); 

DL-RTM300-868M: RF module with frequency of 868MHz (for Europe);

DL-RTM300-915M: RF module with frequency of 915MHz (for North America);  

As you may know, 433Mhz (433.05~434.79MHz) belongs to the Asia-Pacific License-free ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) Open Frequency Band, while 868MHz is commonly used in Europe, and 915MHz is commonly used in North America. You can choose its frequency according to different regions and different applications 

DL-RTM300 RF module

This DL-RTM300 FSK transceiver module was designed base on CMT2300 wireless transceiver chip of CMOSTEK. It is a compact size (16*16*1.8mm) Wireless Module, which support FSK, GFSK, OOK modulation, with receiving sensitivity up to -120dbm, the maximum transmission rate can reach 300Kbps, while max. output power is +20dbm. This RF module has 1.8KM long range (in open ground) and ultra-low consumption (< 7mA) shutdown mode, can be widely used in the field of Smart Security, Smart Home, Industrial Automation, Remote Control, Wireless Data Transmission and other fields. Welcome to inquire!

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