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What is a Fiber-glass Antenna?

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Fiber-glass Antenna is the most popular kind of CB antennas, which is also called as Fiberglass Antenna, FRP Antenna. They are fiberglass poles wrapped with copper vibrator and coated with protective material. The antenna shell material is Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic, and the antenna coil for fiberglass antennas is usually located at the top of the antenna.

Fiber-Glass Antennas from DL

Fiber-glass antenna normally ranges in length from 2' to 7', most of them are IP67 waterproof, windproof, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. So, they are also highly durable and long-lasting due to their sturdy construction. They are usually easy to install, and also has good compatibility. Due to its high stability and reliability, fiberglass (FRP) antennas can be widely used in outdoor AP, base station, WIFI coverage of network bridge, car radio, wireless data radio, wireless terminal device, gateway, wireless module, router, intercom and so on.

Dreamlnk Fiber-Glass Antennas (

As an RF Module and Antenna solution provider, DreamLnk provide various Fiberglass antennas, which are all IP67 waterproof omnidirectional antennas with low VSWR and high gain, and ranges from 2~12dBi. It contains pure copper oscillator, and all the materials are eco-friendly. These FRP antennas have wide range applications, such as ship marine, transportation infrastructure, electric vehicle, video monitoring, network security, smart building, smart city, etc. 

OEM/ODM services are also available (size and color can be customized). In case you have any question, please feel free to contact us (

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