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What is Switching Value RF Module?

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To understand what is Switching Value RF Module, we need to know what are Switching Value Signals at first. Switching value signals is a digital signal. It refers to the acquisition and output of discontinuous signals, including remote control acquisition and remote control output. In general, the switching value device achieves the output of the on-off through an internal relay.


Relative to analog signals (the size and direction of the signal are continuously changing in time), the change of the switching value signal is not continuous, namely jump change, so it is so called pulse signal. Compared with analog signal, it has strong anti interference ability, so it is widely used in modern electronic signal processing.

Switching value signals has two initial states, normal on and normal off, which are represented by two groups of letters "N/O" and "N/C". "N/C" is the abbreviation of "Normal Close", which means a contact that is normally closed. It is the output form when there is no signal been detected (the load current is connected), is also called "normal close contact". "N/O" is the abbreviation of "Normally Open", which means a contact that is normally disconnected. It is the output form when there is signal been detected (the load current is not connected), also known as "normal open contact".


So, if an RF module that uses switching value signals to communicate, we call it switching value RF module. As a member of the CLAA, and a third party design office (of TI, Silicon Labs, Semtech), DreamLNK is specialized in radio frequency field for almost 8 years, and we have many RF modules of this type. Welcome to inquire!

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