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What is Tranparent Transmission and Tranparent Transmission Module?

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What is the meaning of Tranparent Transmission Mode?

Transparent transmission means the data forwarding device or wireless module is unconscious and no need to care, it just retransmit the signal/data. Tranparent Transmission Mode converts local asynchronous serial communication to network communication based on TCP/UDP protocol. The main purpose is to communicate over the network with simple devices for serial communication, which do not need to be changed. 

For this reason, the Tranparent Transmission Mode defines a series of related operation parameters that implement the properties required for network connection.

Tranparent Transmission Mode

What is a Tranparent Transmission Module?

As its name implies, the Tranparent Transmission Module is a module that transmits data using the pass-through (unvarnished) mode. The common form is the UART module with serial communication, which transmits the data sent by the MCU to the receiver without any change. Regardless of the content or data protocol form transmitted, only the content that needs to be transmitted is transmitted to the receiver (perfectly as a set of binary data). The module itself does not process any data to be sent by the MCU, it acts as a data line or serial line.

Why should we use Tranparent Transmission?

Tranparent (Pass-through) Transmission is generally used to read remote serial data. In the era of Internet of Things , to achieve data transmission of smart devices, we need to rely on the power of Wireless Tranparent Transmission Module. The data length and content of sender and receiver can be exactly the same, without any data processing, and without any data lossing.

DL-RTS4463M Transparent Transmission Module

Advantages and applications of Tranparent Transmission

For example, DL-RTS4463M as above, an RF Transparent Transmission Module from DreamLNK, is a serial communication module for wireless communication through UART serial port. Users can complete the development of wireless communication products, as long as they know serial communication and do not need to know complex RF communication knowledge. The receiving current of this RF module consumes only tens of microamperes, and a 3.6V/3.6AH battery can work for several years, which is very suitable for battery-powered system.

It can be widely used in Wireless Data Acquisition, Wireless Data Monitoring and Transmission, Remote Telemetry, Industrial Control, Security Alarm, Queuing Machine, Digital Signage, Smart City, Smart Transportation, Internet of Things, Weather Forecast, Smart Home, Logistics Tracking, Wireless Automatic (Water, Electricity, Gas) Meter Reading, Intellegent Agriculture and many other industries

If you have any other question, or UART serial communication modules requirement, please feel free to consult!

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