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Why Shall We Choose LoRa Module Even It Is More Expensive?

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LoRa module is one of the hottest wireless modules on the market, but LoRa module is more expensive than ordinary wireless modules. Why do so many people like it? Where is its value reflected?

First, let's take a brief look at the LoRa module: LoRa is a ultra-long wireless transmission scheme based on spread spectrum technology developed by Semtech. It is one of the most representative communication technologies in Low Power Wide Area Network. Almost all the LoRa modules we see on the market are developed on the basis of LoRa chips from Semtech.

LoRa network diagram

Here's why the LoRa module is so expensive:

1. Transmission Distance

Transmission distance is the most important parameter to measure the wireless module. LoRa module has a much farther transmission distance than other wireless modules at the same power, such as M-SX1278S2 LoRa module and DL-RTS1278M LoRa module from DREAMLNK. The transmission distance are all about 3KM (different transmission distance in different environments), while the transmission distance of ordinary wireless module is only a few hundred meters (under the same test environment), and the results are obvious, the LoRa module is much more better

2. Power Consumption

Power consumption is also an important parameter to measure the wireless module, the lower the power consumption, the longer the duration of the project.  The LoRa module is undoubtedly excellent at low power consumption, and ensures ultra-long transmission of the module at the same time. This is one of the reasons why the LoRa module is so popular on the market, but the low transmission rate of the LoRa module is the disadvantage.


3. Sensitivity

LoRa modulation technology of LoRa wireless module has unique spread spectrum function for signal. Its spread spectrum modulation mode can obtain 8-10dB higher sensitivity than traditional GFSK, FSK and other modulation modes under the same transmission rate.

4. Anti-jamming Capability

LoRa module uses LoRa modulation mode, which has excellent Spread Spectrum Modulation and Forward Error Correction technology, and can even distinguish data from noise. It has stronger anti-jamming ability than traditional FSK, GFSK and other modulation modes.

According to its performance of  transmission distance, power consumption, sensitivity, and anti-jamming ability, LoRa module is a good choice, epecially for small data transmission, even it is a little more expensive than the ordinary wireless modules!

LORAWAN network architecture

DREAMLNK offers various wireless modules and one-stop IoT solution, such as home automation, access control, remote sensing and telemetry, industrial control, lighting control, remote control etc. If you need any LoRa Module, or IoT solution to customize, please feel free to let us know!

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