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Why Should We Choose DL-CC1310-B UART Module?

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DL-CC1310-B Wireless Module is an UART Transceiver Module with AT command, which was developed by DREAMLNK based on TI's CC1310F128RHBR (built-in dual-core ARM) SOC chip. It combines a flexible, very low power RF transceiver with a powerful MCU in a platform supporting multiple physical layers and RF standard, which is ideal to use for various long-range communication and IoT applications, especially battery power applications. You can also make secondary development based on TI's development Kit if needed.

CC1310 UART Transceiver MODULE

This CC1310 SoC chip combines an integrated RF Controller (Cortex®-MO) and a powerful Arm® Cortex®-M3 Processor (with 48MHz Clock Speed), a sensor controller, as well as some peripheral components. Its sensor controller has a 12-bit ADC with a sampling rate of 200ks/S, which can collect high-precision data.

The Block Diagram of this CC1310 SoC chip are as below:


This DL-CC1310-B UART Transceiver Module was designed base on TI's CC1310 chip with below advantages:

1. Original imported CC1310 SoC Chip

2. AT Command & Transparent Transmission available

3. Long-range & Strong Anti-interference

4. Wide supply voltage range: 1.8V to 3.8V;

5. WoR Function with Ultra-low Sleep Current (<1uA);

6. High efficiency receiving performance (RX current @ 5.5mA);

7. High Transmission Efficiency:  TX (+10dBm) @17mA; TX (+14dbm)@27mA;

8. Excellent Receiver Sensitivity: Long Range Mode: -124dbm@0.625kbps; Universal Mode: -110dbm@50kbps;

9. Accurate Signal Strength Indication and Clear Channel Assessment (CCA).

10. High-speed Data Stream Transmission & Packet Segmentation supported

11. Compact size for SMD mounting (Dimensions = 18x16.5mm)

CC1310 UART Transceiver MODULE

Advantages of DL-CC1310-B RF Module in low power application

Ultra-low Sleep Current (<1uA):

With very low active RF and MCU current consumption, in addition to flexible low-power modes, the CC1310 device provides excellent battery life and allows long-range operation on small coin-cell batteries and in energy harvesting applications.

Long-range Mode:

The receiver sensitivity can reach -124dbm when the baud rate of wireless transmission is 0.625kbps. Therefore, a coin-cell battery can ensure long-distance communication, and the service life of ultra-low power battery can be as long as 10 years.


Other Advantages of this DL-CC1310-B UART Module:

This CC1310 RF module supports narrowband communication, with DSSS spread spectrum, high efficiency reception and -124dbm sensitivity, which makes it an excellent RF performance and great anti-interference ability in 420-510/860-950mhz frequency band.

With its fully functional AT Commands, this CC1310 RF module support any Serial Baud Rate setting from 1920bps to 256000bps, which can greatly improve the communication efficiency. The embedded software makes this Wireless Module support not only Transparent Transmission Mode, Long-range Spread Spectrum Mode, Universal Mode, Wake-on-Radio (eWOR) function, accurate RSSI acquisition, automatic CCA (Clear Channel Assessment), but also High-speed Data Stream & Packet Segmentation Transmission, which can effectively reduce the probability of signal collision.


Various Applications:

This CC1310 UART Module can be applied to various frequency bands include 433M/868M/915M, and can be applied to the Automatic Meter Reading, Smart Home, Building Automation and Security System, Industrial Monitoring and Control, Active RFID, Low-power Wireless Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks, Intelligent Transportation, Smart City, Intelligent Grid, Access Control, Smart Wearables, etc.

Applications of CC1310 UART Wireless Transceiver Module

In the era of the Internet of Things, a large number of information collection and processing needs, this ultra-low power Sub-1GHz UART Wireless Transceiver Module DL-CC1310-B must meet your needs in many ways. Welcome to contact James Wu <> to know more, and free samples can be applied!

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