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Will 2.4G wireless module and BLE/Bluetooth module interfere with each other?

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2.4G wireless module and Bluetooth module are widely used in the Internet of things. These two wireless modules are all over our lives, and the working frequency band of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energe) module is also 2.4G. Will the 2.4G wireless module and BLE module interfere with each other?

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energe) is a kind of wireless technology that we offen hears, it is a standard for the short-range wireless interconnection, such as mobile phones, wireless headset, wireless mouse and other electronic devices. BLE technology is an open global standard technology for wireless data and voice communication. The biggest feature of BLE/Bluetooth module is that as long as two devices supporting Bluetooth transmission, within the range of transmission distance, they can connect to realize data transmission, which is something that other wireless technologies can't accomplish.

2.4 wireless module is a kind of short distance radio frequency module which uses 2.4G wireless technology. As the frequency band is between 2.400ghz and 2.4835ghz, it is referred to as 2.4G wireless module. The 2.4G frequency band belongs to the global scientific market.

2.4G and Bluetooth

So here comes a problem: the working frequency band of Bluetooth module and 2.4G wireless module are both 2.4G; if they are in close contact, will they produce interference?

The answer is, of course "Yes". And the impact is not small, especially in the city, there are 2.4G or Bluetooth wireless networks everywhere, such as common monitoring, indoor applications and so on. Bluetooth module and 2.4G wireless module are known for their short distance. If the two wireless modules are in close contact, the transmission distance may become shorter and even affect the normal communication.

Is there any good way to avoid mutual interference? 

If we find that Bluetooth module and 2.4G wireless module interfere with each other in practical application, the best way is to stagger the frequency. In short, switch to an undisturbed frequency. 

For example, if we are at 2.4000ghz, the interference is very serious, we can not communicate normally or the distance is very short, we can change to 2.4835ghz frequency, or any other frequency within 2.4G band. 

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