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Is a Higher Transmission Rate Wireless Module Always the Better?

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Wireless Module always plays an important role in the Internet of Things. So, when choosing the wireless module, every parameter should be carefully considered according to the actual situation of the project. Many clients may believe that the higher the module parameters, the better the module performance. Is that true? 

In fact, this idea is incorrect. The data level of each parameter is not equal to the performance of the wireless module. We should select the parameters of the module according to the actual situation of the project. Take the transmission rate of wireless module for example. Is the higher the transmission rate, the better the performance? Let's take a look:

First, let's see what the wireless module transmission rate is. The transmission rate refers to the speed at which the wireless module transmits data. The higher the transmission rate, the faster the transmission speed and more data can be transmitted in a unit time. With this understanding, do you think the higher the transmission rate, the better? In fact, when the transmission rate is higher, the signal will be more prone to attenuation, resulting in shorter transmission distance.

We use the actual test report of DL-RTS4463 wireless module as reference data:

Wireless Module



Transmission Rate

Communication Range











The data in the table above is measured by our engineer near the office. It can be seen from the table that the distance of 10Kbps transmission rate is more than twice that of 100Kbps transmission rate under the same circumstance, which also proves that the lower the rate, the farther the wireless module transmission distance is.

So, are the higher transmission rate of the wireless module means a worse performance? That's also incorrect. If we use the wireless module in a short distance, a high-speed wireless module would be better; while if we have long range requirement but few data to transmit, a low-speed wireless module would be more appropriate.

FSK Transceiver Module DL-RTS4463

All in all: what suits you is the best, other parameters are also the same. Choosing the most important parameter for you, but not the higher parameter the better. Moreover, the transmission rate of many wireless modules can be configured through registers, like above DL-RTS4463.

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