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DreamLNK's BLE Module DL-CC2340-B Based on CC2340 is Officially Released

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Recently, DreamLNK's BLE Module DL-CC2340-B has been officially released, this Bluetooth Module was designed base on TI's CC2340R5 Bluetooth® Low Energy Chip, which delivers a standby current less than 800nA, and makes the capability to achieve upwards of 10+ years of maturity on one battery the size of a coin. 

This DL-CC2340-B BLE module is compact in size (18*12mm), but has up to 15 universal I/O interfaces. It supports a variety of universal peripherals for all I/O ports of the CC2340R5 chip, which includes UART, SPI, I2C, timer, temperature sensor, battery voltage detection, built-in analog comparator, and 12-bit ADC analog-to-digital converter. In order to meet different standards for various countries, the TX power of the BLE module can be adjusted (ranging from -21 dBm to+8 dBm).

DL-CC2340-B BLE Module base on TI's CC2340R5 Chip

To save the R&D cycle, you can purchase our UART version DL-CC2340-B BLE module (UART BLE Module), which will come with full-featured firmware (can be called via AT command), and support Peripheral & Central integration. The external MCU can be connected to the BLE module through the UART interface to achieve BLE data transmission. In AT command mode, UART can be used to send commands to modify scan intervals, scan timeouts, connection intervals, broadcast intervals, broadcast custom data, baud rates, etc. 

The MCU can also send switching commands to the BLE Peripherals through UART, which has broadcast and connection status, and can be connected by the BLE Central, serving as a bridge between the BLE Central and MCU for data transmission.

The CC2340R5 RF Chip uses a 48-MHz Cortex-M0+ Kernel, integrates up to 512 KB of flash memory, 36 KB of SRAM, with a built-in 48MHz 10PPM external high-speed clock, and 32.768Khz external low-speed clock. In addition, to meet the security requirements of Bluetooth, it also take security issues into consideration (has AES-128 encryption and RNG functions). You can use TI’s SDK (CCStudio) for secondary development, and embed its complete applications by yourselves, which means you can purchase it as only a Hardware BLE module (without firmware).

CC2340R5 Main Features

In terms of RF performance, this CC2340 BLE module integrates RF balun internally, with simplified RF design, and reduced power consumption. The typical sensitivity can reach as high as -96.5 dBm @ 1 Mbps, while RF performance and networking range is also enhanced with a low output power of up to +8 dBm. The BLE module will easily operate wireless applications like electronic shelf labels and tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). 

Here below are its Advantages, Characteristics, and Parameters:

Working Temperature:

Working Temperature Range: -40~85ºC, suitable for various applications, even harsh environments

Transmitting Power:

Adjustable range of -21dBm ~ +8 dBm with temperature compensation, in compliant with limit standards for RF power in various countries

Excellent Performance:

- 102dBm sensitivity (Bluetooth ® Low Energy 125 kbps)

- 96.5dBm sensitivity (Bluetooth ® Low Energy 1 Mbps)

Low Power Consumption:

It integrates high-efficiency DC/DC internally, with a low RX current of 5.3 mA only, and a standby current of less than 800nA, which can greatly increase the lifespan of the battery. According to our testing, 0dBm only requires 5.0mA of current consumption, and 8dbm requires 12.0mA of current consumption.

The ultra-low standby power consumption helps to extend the battery life in scenarios where continuous operation is not required, thereby expanding its application range. For example, Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) and TPMS can achieve a product lifespan of more than 10 years (with one button battery only).

Great Compatibility:

The TI CC2340R5 supports multiple wireless communication protocols, such as BLE 5.3 (backward compatibility), Zigbee, Thread, SimpleLink TI 15.4-stack, proprietary systems, etc., which providing more possibilities for interconnectivity between different devices based on this chip, whether they are existing devices or future new technology products.

DL-CC2340-B BLE Module TPMS Application

Hardware Parameters:

Dimension: 18*12*2.5 mm

Chip Model: TI CC2340R5

Development Method: Secondary Development / AT Command

Module Pin QTY.: 20 PIN (15 GPIO)

Antenna: PCB antenna + external PAD

Working Voltage (DC): 1.75~3.8V

Working Temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃

Wireless Characteristics:

Bluetooth Version: supports Bluetooth 5.3

Frequency Range: 2402-2480 MHz (2.4G ISM radio band)

Modulation Mode: GFSK

Transmission Power: -21 dBm ~ +8 dBm (can be programed via software)

Receiving Sensitivity: -96 dBm (typical value @ 1 Mbps)

Transparent Mode: Central / Peripheral

Communication Range: 70 meters (open area)

Power Consumption Parameters:

Active-mode RX: 5.3 mA

Active-mode TX: 5mA @ 0dBm; 12mA @+8dBm

Sleep State: sleep state 0.7-µA avg (RTC running and RAM/CPU holding)

Running: 2.6mA active mode

Data Transmission: to be updated

Applications & Opportunities:

Activity Tracker, Pedometers, Sports Measurement (running, cycling, golf), Real-time Temperature Detection, Smart Crib, Interactive Remote-control Toys, Robots, Aircraft, Toy cars, Anti-lost devices, TPMS, Automatic Car Lock, Parking Record, Electric Vehicle Anti-theft Device, Data Collection and Monitoring, Beacons, Electronic Shelf Label, Electronic Sales Terminals, Building Security, HVAC, Lighting, Electric Toothbrush, Electric Shaver, Facial Cleanser, Game Controllers, Keyboard/Mouse (non-USB type), Printer, Remote Control Switch, Smart Lighting, Smart Locks, Smart Curtains, Thermometer and Hygrometer, Smart Scale, Environmental Monitoring, Smart Detector, Pet Supervision, etc.

DL-CC2340-B BLE Module Application (1)

With the booming development of the IoT industry, more products have the demand for networking, which provides conditions for further commercialization of low-power Bluetooth. At the same time, industry analysts are generally optimistic about the development trend of the Bluetooth market in recent years.

According to the latest "2023 Bluetooth® Market Update" released by the Bluetooth SIG, market research firm ABI Research predicts that the Bluetooth market will achieve high growth in the next five years, and the annual shipment volume of Bluetooth devices will maintain a strong growth momentum. By 2027, 7.6 billion Bluetooth enabled devices will be shipping annually, representing a 9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the next five years. Due to the ongoing strong growth of connected consumer electronics devices, annual shipments of single mode Bluetooth® devices will increase by more than twice in the next five years.

Bluetooth device shipments

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