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How to Choose a Proper Wireless Module?

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How to choose a proper wireless module? There are 5 steps to be taken when we selecting a wireless module from the Wireless Module Supplier! The specific steps include the following five aspects, which are specifically introduced by DreamLNK for your analysis.

1.   When we choose the wireless module, we must consider the environment in which the equipment works, such as forests, buildings, metal mines, or electromagnetic interference, etc. If there are many sources of interference, we'd better choose strong anti-interference wireless modules, such as 433Mhz wireless modules, LoRa wireless modules, Wi-Fi Modules, etc. These are all wireless modules with strong anti-interference ability.

LoRa Module with UART

2.  Please choose the wireless module that suits your needs. For example, we need the transmission distance of the wireless module to be 500 meters. But finally the distance of the wireless module we purchased is 1000 meters. Then it is over-capacity, and the function behind does not meet our needs. In addition, we also need to consider whether the power, interface, even the development cycle, can meet our needs.

3.   When selecting the wireless module, be sure to select the antenna that the wireless module needs to match. Whether the reception of the wireless module, or the transmission of the wireless transmitter, the antenna is a must. The appropriate antenna can optimize the network and increase the communication range and reliability, but vice versa.

1278 LoRa Module with SPI port

4.   The price of the wireless module is what we always need to concern, when we buy the wireless module, in addition to the performance of the product, the most concerned is the price. We should choose a cost-effective wireless module, but not a cheap one, as quality is also closely related to the price...

5.   When we choose the wireless module, we must consider the size of the wireless module, and make sure whether it can be embedded in the device, otherwise, we may purchase a wireless module not suitable for the product. 

IoT applications

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