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Why there is Communication Failure between Wireless Modules?

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With the development of the Internet of Things, more and more devices will be connected to the network. A large number of them are wirelessly connected. In the process of wireless communication between RF transimitter and RF receiver, it is unavoidable that sometimes they can not be communicated. The purpose of this article is to summarize the failure of wireless communication and the corresponding solutions, hope it helps.

2.4G RF modules

In general, below reasons are what we always meet, which may cause communication failure:

1.  Insufficient power supply, it will prevent the wireless modules from working properly.

Solution: check the quality of the power supply, such as the voltage fluctuation, the size of the ripple, etc.

2.  Failure of wireless initialization, it will also cause the communication failure.

Solution: look for the reason why the initialization of the wireless chip failed from the code.

3.  Wrong wireless parameter settings, such as different frequencies or different transmission rates.

Solution: check the code for errors.

4.  Strong magnetic field or other interference sources in the surrounding environment.

Solution: move the module to a non-interfering or less interfering area

5.  The wireless modules (RF transimitter & RF receiver) of the two nodes are too far apart.

Solution: shorten the actual distance between two nodes.

6. The wireless chip is dead and cannot send or receive data

Solution: resetting the chip regularly or reducing the workload of the wireless chip

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