What is a RF Transceiver Module?
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A transceiver is a blend of a transmitter and a receiver in a single package. The name applies to wireless communication devices like cellular telephones, handheld two-way radios, cordless telephone sets, and mobile two-way radios. Sometimes the term is used in reference to the transmitter or receiver devices in optical fiber systems or cables.

In a radio transceiver, the receiver is silenced while transmitting. An electronic switch permits the transmitter and receiver to be allied to the same antenna and stops the o/p of the transmitter from injuring the receiver. With this kind of a transceiver, it is difficult to get signals while transmitting and this mode is named as half duplex.

Some kind of transceivers is designed to let reception of signals through transmission periods. This mode is called as full duplex, and needs that the transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) work on considerably different frequencies so the signal which is transmitted doesn’t interfere with reception. Communication devices sets use this mode. Satellite communication networks frequently employ full-duplex transceivers at the surface based subscriber points. The transceiver-to-satellite (transmitted) signal is called the uplink, and the satellite-to-transceiver (received) signal is called the downlink.

An RF transceiver module incorporates both a transmitter and receiver. The circuit is typically designed for half-duplex operation, although full-duplex modules are available, typically at a higher cost due to the added complexity.
RF transceiver module is used in a particular device where both the transmitter and receiver houses in a single module. Such devices transmit and receives RF signal, so that is named as RF Transceiver. Mostly the position of RF Transceiver module is in between Power amplifier/Low Noise Amplifier and Baseband MODEM in any wireless communication system. Baseband Modem houses, chip sets of several analog or digital modulation techniques and analog to digital conversion or digital to analog conversion chips.

RF Transceiver module design is made up of amplifiers, RF Mixers, pads & other RF components using micro strip technology. The transmitter and Receiver parts in the RF transceivers called as RF Up converter and RF Down converter.
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