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2.4G Wireless Switching Control Module

2.4G SOC multi-channel wireless switch control module, with Co-Channel Interference optimization.
  • DL-BK24K6 52TX/RX/TX

  • 2.4G-2.5Ghz

  • BK24K6

  • 5dBm/12dBm

  • 2.0~3.6V

  • -96dBm

  • 100m

  • 23.3 * 13.9*2mm


2.4G Wireless Switch Control RF Module with SOC Design

DL-BK24K6 TX/RX wireless switch control module is a 2.4G SOC multi-channel switch output module developed by DreamLNK. Customers do not need to design complex underlying driver software, also no need to define the transceiver communication protocol, nor the key value definition. We have internally designed 2.4G code matching, remote control, low power consumption, and Co-Channel Interference optimization. You just need to connect the necessary input buttons and output loads, code matching buttons, code matching indicators, etc. It can be used without any programming. 

For the entire DL-BK24K6 series module: TX is a RF transmit module, RX is a RF receive module. While 52TX is also a transmit module, but with optimized power consumption (developed specifically for battery-powered systems), which only requires a 3.3V power supply, transmitting buttons, LED transmitting and code status indication; the output port corresponding to the receive module can output level signals. The standard module has 6 independent control signals. The 6 buttons on the transmitting end correspond to the 6 signal outputs of the receive module. It can realize single-channel remote control, and can also realize multi-channel remote control.

These RF modules are compact in size, low in power consumption, and easy to use. The transmit module only needs to design the key board according to the remote control shell. The receive module has no peripheral parts. The signal of the IO port can directly drive small loads such as LEDs, motors, and relays. The channel output signal is provided to the IO port of the MCU as a parallel level signal. It is very convenient and simple to use. Multiple sets of products can be used at the same time without interfering with each other, effectively solving the interfering problem at the same frequency, especially 315 / 433M remote control products transmitting at the same time.

Customized description: The module adopts 6-channel switching value as a standard, which can meet the requirements of 1-6 signal remote controls. If more signal control is required, the number of buttons of the transmit module can be expanded by scanning the matrix, or add more I/O, to increase the number of signal channels of the receive module; you can also adjust the power, rate, and data format of the transmitter to reduce power consumption according to product application requirements. For specific design and development requirements, please contact our RD department. 


● 2.4G ISM frequency band, global open frequency band, no safety restrictions;

● Adopt high-performance baseband processing chip, fast remote control and high security level;

● Built-in MCU-SOC (system on chip) combined with patented software design, without same frequency interference problem, users do not need to program;

● 6-channel input and output function, can be expanded, the output state can be customized (to customize the signal type);

● Highly integrated, small size, low power consumption design, no peripheral components, easy to use

Typical application

Wireless Remote Control; Smart Home Appliance; Remote Control Toy; Remote Control Boat; Remote Control Socket; Remote control door lock; Wireless sensor; Smart home control system; Garage access control system The 52TX module is used in battery-powered remote controllers, the high-power TX module is used in adapter power supply systems, and the RX receive module is compatible with two transmit modules

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DL-BK24K6 Specification V1.0 do

Technical Parameter

Transmit Module


Transmit Module

DL-BK24K6-TX Receive Module DL-BK24K6-RX
Frequency 2.4G-2.5Ghz Frequency 2.4G-2.5Ghz  Frequency 2.4G-2.5Ghz

Operating Current


Operating Current


Operating Current


Output Power 5dbm Output Power 12dBm

Receive sensitivity


Max. Transfer Rate


Max. Transfer Rate

2Mbps Output State

Latched/Unlatched; B8 setting

ID No. individual 

ID No. 

individual  Match Codes

Max. 20 transmit I  Ds

Distance 70M  Distance 120M  Distance 120M
Voltage  2.0~3.6V  Voltage 2.8~3.6V  Voltage 2.8~3.6V

Stand-by current

5-10uA Stand-by current 10~12uA Stand-by current -96dBm
Modulation GFSK  Modulation GFSK  Modulation GFSK

6-channel switch value


6-channel switch value


6-channel switch  value

Antenna PCB Antenna  Antenna PCB Antenna  Antenna PCB Antenna 

Pin Definitions


DL-BK24K6-TX / DL-BK24K6-52TX

Pin No Pin’s Name Description
1 VCC Positive power supply, 2.8~3.6V@TX / 2.0~3.6V@52TX
2~7  B1~B6 6-channel data pin, transmit/receive button, active low
8 B7 Code matching pin, learning button, active low
9 B8 Indicator pin (code matching , transmitting), for LED connecting
10 GND Module grounding


Pin No Pin’s Name Description
1 VCC Positive power supply 2.8~3.6V, 3.3V is recommended
2~7 B1~B6

6-channel data output pin , High level output,B6 multiplexed LED code indication

8 B7

Code matching / forbidden code matching, grounding for code matching,

floating forbidden for code matching

9 B8

Output mode selection. Set low 0 for latched output, set high 1 for non-latched output

10 GND Module grounding



DreamLnk offers various 2.4G RF modules, include 2.4G RF Receiving modules, 2.4G RF Transmitter modules, 2.4GHz RF front-end modules, 2.4G RF Transceiver Modules, 2.4G Modules with Enhanced Power (PA), as well as relative Antennas, Remote controls, welcome to inquire!