Factors Affecting ASK Transmission and Receiving
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There are following factors may affect ASK transmission and receiving

1. Frequency point: Both the transmitter and the receiver must be at the same frequency point, such as 433M, 315M, 390M, 868M, 915M, etc., for example: the transmitting end is 433M, the receiving end is 315M, it cannot be controlled;

2. Encoding and decoding methods: Generally speaking, there are two encoding and decoding methods for ASK, fixed codes (the most common ones are PT2260, 2262, HS2260, 2262, etc., the chip manufacturers are different, the chip prefix is ​​also different); learning code (EV1527 , HS1527 chip, or a million sets of learning codes written by MCU), need to be controlled normally, you need to understand the codec mode first;

3. Period: The RF receiving module written by MCU, the learning code width period is 1.56ms (±20%), and the data can be captured with an oscilloscope. Regardless of whether one side of the transmitter, or the receiver is confirmed, the value of the oscillation resistance needs to be adjusted on the other side to match;

4. Code value: The code values ​​of different manufacturers are defined differently. Not all code values ​​of remote controls with the same appearance are the same. There are two ways of this. First, use an oscilloscope to grab the code value of the transmitter and the receiver. When decoding, it is defined according to the code value of the transmitter; Second, contact the manufacturer to modify the code value;

To sum up, among the factors that affect ASK communication, it is hard to tell whether it is a transmission or reception problem, because transmission and reception are a pair of combined punches, we emphasize matching, whether it is control or distance, matching is the most important. Fix one end at first (no matter the transmitter, or the receiver), to match the codec mode, period, code value of the other end... to achieve the best combination effect.
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