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433M/315M ASK Wireless Transmitter Module DL-TX19

DL-TX19 wireless transmitter module is a UHF ASK receiving demodulator, which supports the modulation mode of ASK and OOK. This Radio Transmitter Module is integrated with PLL circuit and ASK analog modulation circuit
  • DL-TX19

  • 433/315 MHz

  • RF Transmitter Chip TX19

  • 12dB

  • 2.0~3.6V

  • ≤ 20kbps

  • 300m

  • 22*9*5mm


433M/315M High-performance ASK Wireless Transmitter Module (UHF ASK Receiving Demodulator)

DL-TX19 Wireless Transmitter Module is a UHF ASK receiving demodulator, which supports the modulation mode of ASK and OOK. This Radio Transmitter Module is integrated with PLL circuit and ASK analog modulation circuit, which has the characteristics of high integration and can be used for short distance wireless communication. The working frequency range is 315MHz / 433MHz, while its transmission power is greater than 12dBm.


● Frequency range: 300MHz - 440MHz

● TX Power: +12dB dBm @ 315MHz; +12dB dBm @433.92MHz

● Low power consumption: 12mA/3.3V @ 315MHz; 12mA/3.3V @ 433.92MHz

● Quickly startup : ≤ 0.1US

● Transmission Rate: ≤ 20kbps(2.4-5kbps is recommended )

● Wide operating voltage: DC2.0V~ 3.3V

● Transmit bandwidth :±10KHz (local oscillation)

● High ESD protection standard:±5KV HBM

● Independent operation without external MCU control

● No need register configuration

● Size: 13.2*13.0*3.2mm (excluding needle height)

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 DL-TX19 Specification V1.0 do

Technical Parameter

Electric parameter

Description Min. Max. Unit
Supply voltage 2.0 3.6 V
Working temperature -20 60
Storage temperature  -20 85
Soldering temperature

Working Humidity 15% 85% RH
I/O Port voltage Vss-0.3 Vdd+0.3 V

DC characteristics of the Module 

RF characteristics (Unless otherwise stated, the temperature is 25 ℃, and VCC is 3.3V)



Min Typ Max Units

Power Supply


Mark Supply Current ION

@ 315MHz, PouT = +13dBm


@ 433.92MHz, PouT = +13dBm


SPACE supply current, lOFF @ 315MHz
@ 433.92MHz
Standby Mode (F119)

Standby supply current, IsTB @ 315MHz

1 uA

@ 433.92MHz

1 uA

Pin Definitions


The DL-TX19 module has 4 pins, which are defined in the following table

Pin Name Description  Remark
1 ANT Antenna port, RF signals output
2 VDD Grounding, common ground with the MCU
3 VCC Power supply, DC 3.3V is recommended 2.2V-3.3V
4 DATA Data output, communicate with decoding unit



Typical application

Wireless Data Communication, Wireless Data Monitoring and Transmission, Wireless Voice/Audio Transmission, Wireless Sensoring; Wireless Remote Control System; Wireless Game Controller, Remote Control Toys; Wireless remote control for electronic consumer products; Wireless Alarm & Security Control System; Wireless Sensor Networking, Automatic Data Collection; Industrial Remote Control, Intelligent Control System, Home Automation, Home Appliance Control, Building and Residential (smart home) Control, Smart City, RFID (radio frequency identification); Telemetry, Automatic (Water, Electricity, Gas) Meter Reading system; Remote control that supports radio frequency (RF) technology

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