What is the typical applications of RF modules?
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RF modules can be widely used on: Traffic Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring, Remote control, Telemetry, Small-range wireless network, Wireless meter reading, Access control systems, Wireless home security systems, Area paging, Industrial data acquisition system, Radio tags reading, RF contactless smart cards, Wireless data terminals, Wireless fire protection systems, Biological signal acquisition, Hydrological and meteorological monitoring, Robot remote control, Wireless data transmissions, Digital video/audio transmission, Digital home automation, such as remote light/switch; Industrial remote control, telemetry and remote sensing, Alarm systems and wireless transmission for various types of low-rate digital signal, Remote control for various types of household appliances and electronics projects, Many other applications field related to RF wireless controlling.
The continuous development of the IoT industry brings not only new technologies, new products, but also new opportunity. The increased product morphology, makes higher requirements of RF modules from the product manufacturers. These low power consumption, small size, intelligent RF modules will have broad market prospects in the future!
RF Module Applications

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