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High Sensitivity ASK Wireless Receiving Module

DL-RXC2015 is a compact and low-power wireless receiving module, with high-performance ASK wireless superheterodyne receiver chip
  • DL-RXC2015

  • 433/315 MHz

  • ASK receiver chip

  • N/M

  • 2.0~5.5V

  • -100~-115dBm

  • 300m

  • 30*12.5*5mm


315/433MHz High Sensitivity ASK Wireless Receiving Module 

DL-RXC2015 is a compact and low-power wireless receiving module based on the high-performance ASK wireless superheterodyne receiver chip. This RF receiving module is designed with ultra-high cost performance ISM band receiver chip, which is mainly set at 315-433mhz frequency band. The module has a strong anti-interference capability that the similar chip solutions do not have.

The traditional 10.7m peripheral IF (intermediate-frequency) filter is omitted, which greatly improves the consistency of mass production. The module can lead out the enabling pin of the chip, which can be used as the control port of sleep / wake-up, so as to set the module to work in low-power state, which provides convenience for low-power battery application system. This RF receiver module was launched to address the cost pressures of the radio frequency part in the process of product development. The interface adopts gold plating PCB binding process with half hole, which is convenient for production and application. It can be inserted on the main board or SMT on the PCB, so it is very flexible.


● 350m transmission distance in an open air (1200bps)

● Working frequency: 315M, 433.92M

● Ultra-wide operating voltage range: 2.0V-5.5V

● CE wake-up time is very short, 6ms (clutter free mode)

● Good chip consistency, ESD standard HBM3kV

● Standby current of 0.1uA in sleep state

● SMT process is used for peripheral devices to improve productivity and consistency

Version Explanation

DL-RXC2015A-B Wireless Module

For the DL-RXC2015A version wireless module: the CE pin of the receiving IC is connected to the module PIN4 through a resistor (the pad on the right side of the SMT), and the CE pin of the module can be controlled to sleep/wake-up through the I/O port of the MCU, so that the module is intermittently working to reduce average power consumption; 

For the DL-RXC2015B version module: the CE pin of the receiving IC is connected to GND through a resistor (the pad on the left side of the SMT). At this time, the PIN4 of the module is vacant (NC), the module is enabled at low level, and it is always in the normal receiving mode after power supply. So sleep/wake-up mode are not available for this B Version module; 

Generally, the A version module can be used for a remote controller with a code sending delay of 2S (to reduce the average power consumption of the receiver); while the B version module can be used to match with any remote control (with any code sending method), but it cannot reduce the average power consumption of the receiving module

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DL-RXC2015 Specification V1.0 do

Technical Parameter

DC characteristics

Description Min. Max. Unit
Supply voltage 2.0 5.5 V
Working current 4.3 6.5 mA
Standby current
<1 uA
Wake up time 2.0 6 mS
Low power settings 150 500 uA

DC characteristics of the Module

RF characteristics (Unless otherwise stated, the temperature is 25 ℃, and VCC is 3.3V)

Parameter Characteristics

Reference Value

Min.  Typ.  Max.

1 Frequency range 300,315/433,500 MHz
2 Antenna signal input peak value — ,— ,-25 dBm
Receive sensitivity -110 , — , -115 dBm
Data baud rate 0.5 , 1.2 , 20 Kbps


LNA Gain 12,— ,15 dB
6 CE enable wake up time 2.0 ,— ,6 ms
Noise figure (NF) — ,— ,-3.6 dB
8 PLL frequency range 220 ,— ,550 MHz
9 IF bandwidth (RBW) — ,300 , KHz
RSSI signal detection strength — ,75 ,— dB
11 Standby power consumption — ,1 ,— uA
12 Crystal accuracy 20 10 PPM

Pin Definitions




Typical application

Wireless Data Acquisition, Wireless Data Communication, Wireless Data Monitoring and Transmission, Wireless Sensoring; Wireless Remote Control System; Wireless remote control for electronic consumer products; Wireless Alarm & Security Control System; Wireless Sensor Networking, Automatic Data Collection; Industrial Remote Control, Intelligent Control System, Smart Home, Home Automation, Home Appliance Control, Building and Residential Control, Smart City, Logistics Tracking, RFID (radio frequency identification); Telemetry, Automatic (Water, Electricity, Gas) Meter Reading system; Remote control that supports radio frequency (RF) technology

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