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RF Receiving Module RXS531R

DL-RXS531R is the new generation single-chip wireless ASK/OOK (ON-OFF Keying) receiving module, which is mainly used in the field of wireless radio frequency remote control.
  • DL-RXS531R

  • 433/315 MHz

  • RXS531R

  • 0.9uA

  • 3.6~5.5V

  • -109dBm

  • 300m

  • 10*10*5mm


Single-chip Wireless ASK/OOK (ON-OFF Keying) RF Receiving Module

DL-RXS531R is the new generation single-chip wireless ASK/OOK (ON-OFF Keying) receiving module,which is mainly used in the field of wireless radio frequency remote control. Compared with previous generation products, DL-RXS531 has higher sensitivity, which can reach -109dBm in 433MHz application environment, greatly increasing the receiving distance. Meanwhile, this model has a higher integration,with high frequency signal reception functions all on chip, to achieve the most reliable receiving results, with the least peripherals and the lowest cost.

DL-RXS531 is a real "high frequency antenna AM signal input, digital signal output" receiving module with French imported single chip design. All RF and IF tuning is done automatically on the chip, which eliminates the manual adjustment process in the development and production, will reduce your R&D costs and enhance the product competitiveness.

This RF module is compact in shape and less than 1cm in width, is the best choice for small space applications. This module has a preset CE enabled control pin, which can be well used in power saving mode, to achieve a better average power consumption. It also has super anti-interference ability.


● Standard COMS interface control and decoding data output

● Complete monolithic UHF receiver, frequency range 300-450 MHz

● Receive sensitivity: -109dBm (315MHz), -109dBm (433MHz)

● Transmission rate: 2.5 kbps (SWP), 10 kbps (FIXED) auto tuning

● No need for manual adjustment, no need for external filters and inductors

● Preset CE enabled control pin to shift sleep / wake-up (Low level effective).

● Common frequencies: 433M, 315M, 390M, adopt different local oscillation crystals;

● 4.5mA (315MHz, full operation); 0.5uA (shutdown mode); 370uA at “CE = High” (315MHz, 10:1 duty ratio)

● WOR function is used to enable external decoder board and MCU, RF antenna radiation is very low

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DL-RXS531R Specification V1.0 do

Technical Parameter

DC characteristics

Description Min. Max. Unit
Supply voltage 3.6 5.5 V
Working current 4.5 7.0 mA
Standby current
<0.5uA uA
I/O Port voltage Vss-0.3 Vdd+0.3 V
Working temperature
-20  70

RF characteristics (Unless otherwise stated, the temperature is 25 ℃, and VCC is 3.3V)

Parameter Characteristics

Reference Value

Min.  Typ.  Max.

1 Frequency range 300,315/433 ,450 MHz
2 Antenna signal input peak value — ,— ,10 dBm
Receive sensitivity ,-109 , dBm
Data baud rate 0.6 ,1.2 ,10 Kbps


LNA Gain 10,— ,12 dB
6 CE enable wake up time 7,— ,8.5 mS
Noise figure (NF) — ,— ,-3.6 dB
8 PLL frequency range 220 ,— ,450 MHz
9 IF bandwidth (RBW) — ,300 , KHz
10 Common use crystal frequency  DL-S31 MHz
11 Standby power consumption — ,0.9 ,— uA
12 Crystal accuracy 20,,10 PPM

High frequency characteristic table of the module

Pin Definitions


The DL-RXS531 module has four pins, which are defined in the following table

Pin Name Description  Remark
1 VCC Power supply, DC5.0V is recommended >3.6V
2 CE/L Module enabled end; low level effective
3 DATA  Data output, connected with decoding chip or MCU
4 GND Grounding, common ground with the system
5 ANT Antenna input, single core copper wire is recommended >0.8mmф



Typical application

Wireless Data Acquisition, Wireless Data Communication, Wireless Data Monitoring and Transmission, Wireless Sensoring; Wireless Remote Control System; Wireless Game Controller, Remote Control Toys; Wireless remote control for electronic consumer products; Wireless Alarm & Security Control System; Wireless Sensor Networking; Industrial Remote Control, Intelligent Control System, Home Automation, Home Appliance Control, Building and Residential (smart home) Control, Smart City, Logistics Tracking, Warehouse Patrols, RFID (radio frequency identification); Telemetry, Automatic Meter Reading (Water, Electricity, Gas) System; Remote LED, Remote Curtain; Remote control that supports radio frequency (RF) technology

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