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2.4G Transceiver Module with High Power nRF24L01P

2.4G High Power Transceiver Module, with nRF24L01P RF chip & RFX2401C power amplifier
  • DL-24NPA

  • 2.4G-2.5Ghz

  • nRF24L01P&RFX2401C

  • Max.20dBm

  • 1.8~3.6V

  • -94dBm

  • 2000m

  • 19*12*2mm


2.4G Transceiver Module with nRF24L01P RF chip & RFX2401C Power Amplifier

DL-24NPA is an industrial grade 2.4G RF transceiver module with high power (100mW), it has high speed (max. air rate up to 2Mbps) with high stability, which adopts NORDIC original nRF24L01P RF chip and RFX2401C power amplifier chip with LNA built in. Receiving sensitivity is improved by 10dBm, and it works in 2.4Ghz ~ 2.5Ghz ISM band. 

The output interface of this module is IPEX, which is super small in size and conveniently embedded in the product. The module has the transmitting power of 20dBm, very good spectrum characteristic, small harmonic, and small crosstalk between channels. The high frequency material is originally from Murata, while the crystal is high precision and low temperature drift industrial-grade


● Long-distance 2.4G data transmission network

● 2.4G answering device, auction device

● Star network data acquisition system

● Shooting target reporting system, scoring system

● Remote control handle for aeromodel and car model

● 2.4G remote control, empty mouse, somatosensory game console

● BLDC fan, ceiling fan controller

● LED neon string control system

● Smart home system, security alarm, outdoor billboard control system


● Frequency range: 2.4GHz ~ 2.525GHz (adjustable 1MHz step)

● Sensitivity up to -94dBm

● Maximum output power: 20 dBm

● Low receiving current: 23 mA

● Sleep current <250 mA

● Data transmission rate: 250k-2Mpbs

● FSK, GFSK modulation mode

● Built-in antenna interface: IPEX seat, ANT half-hole immersion gold interface (can connect external antenna)

● Does not support RSSI signal strength indication, only supports simple packet loss statistics

● 256-byte FIFO and CRC frequency hopping function

● Built-in temperature sensor and low battery indicator

Model Specification Feature
DL-24N A:PCB On-board antenna On-board antenna, lower cost
DL-24N-S S:SMD Ceramic antenna Small size antenna, high performance
DL-24N-I I:IPEX connector base Can be connected with various kinds of 2.4g antennas 
DL-24NPA PA: RF power amplifier chip High output power up to 20dBm

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DL-24NPA Specification V1.0 do

Technical Parameter

No Parameter Parameter value Summary
1 Chip nRF24L01P Nordic


Size 13*19mm  Includes IPEX connector


Weight 0.8g Includes IPEX connector
4 Frequency 2.5GHz~2.525GHz  Adjustable 1MHz step
5 Production Process Lead-free environmental protection process Lead-free and halogen-free, ESD anti-static
6 Interface method 1*8*1.27mm The side of the stamp, immersion gold half hole craft
7 Supply voltage 1.8~3.6V DC Voltages higher than 3.6V will cause permanent damage to the module
8 Communication level 0.7VCC~5V VCC Refers to the module supply voltage
9 Distance 2000m  Tested in a clear and open environment with maximum power above 2m and 250k air speed
10 Transmit power  20dBm maximum 100mW output power
11 Air Transfer Rate 250k~2Mbps 3 levels adjustable (250kpbs, 1Mbps, 2Mpbs)
12 Shutdown current 1.0uA nRF24l01P is set to power down, CE low
13 Emission current 150mA 0dBm Power supply capacity must be greater than 250mA


Receive current 23mA CE=1
15 Communication Interface SPI Maximum speed up to 10Mbps
16 Launch length Single data packet 1~32 bytes Level 3 FIFO
17 Receive length Single data packet 1~32 bytes Level 3 FIFO
18 RSSI support not support Only supports simple packet loss statistics
19 Antenna  IPEX & ANT half hole interface 50Ω characteristic impedance

Pin Definitions


Pin No Pin’s Name Description
1 VCC Positive power supply, 1.9~3.6V
2 CE Work mode selection, TX or RX mode selection
3 CSN CSN=0 valid, SPI chip select enable
4 SCLK SPI clock
5 MOSI SPI data input, MOSI
6 MISO SPI data output, MISO
7 IRQ Interrupt request port
8 GND Module grounding,Reliably grounded and close to the system filter capacitor
ANT1 and ANT2 are compatible interfaces, which are selected through coupling capacitors and use different antenna types



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