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2.4G Transceiver Module with NRF24L01 Chip

2.4G RF Module designed base on NRF24L01 wireless transceiver chip
  • DL-24N

  • 2.4G-2.5Ghz

  • NRF24L01

  • -18~6dBm

  • 1.9~3.6V

  • -89dBm

  • 120m

  • 19*12*2mm


2.4G Wireless Transceiver Module with NRF24L01 Chip

Module introduction

Designed base on Nordic's NRF24L01 wireless transceiver chip, DL-24N Serial RF modules are 2.4g wireless modules with small size, excellent performance and long distance, which are widely used in intelligent home, toys, model airplane, and the field of close digital transmission control. The sensitivity can reach -82dbm@2m, the highest transmission rate can reach 2Mbps, and the output power can be configured in four levels from -20dbm to 0dbm through registers.

This wireless module has integrated all radiofrequency related functions, and users can easily develop wireless products with stable performance and high reliability directly, which will extremely shorten the development cycle without in-depth understanding of RF circuit design

The module adopts stamp edge and half hole interface design, which can not only meet customers' SMT application, but also realize transverse and longitudinal welding through needle arrangement. The module adopts high precision, high temperature stability crystal, with compact size, is convenient for portable products, and has a very high cost performance, suitable for mass applications


● Wireless game controller, toys

● Wireless keyboard and mouse

● Consumer electronics and toy airplane models

● Wireless voice and audio

● Data monitoring and transmission

● Smart home control

● Remote controller supporting radio frequency (RF) technology


Transmission distance: 120 meters @ 250KHz (open air)

● Working frequency 2400-2483MHz

● Working voltage: 1.9V-3.6V

● Programmable carrier detection, digital RSSI output

● Excellent selectivity and out-of-band isolation performance

● Immersion Gold PCB-ANT with extremely high cost performance

● 10ppm precision SMD crystal, excellent performance

24N Series Model Selection Guide:

Model Specification Feature
DL-24N A:PCB On-board antenna On-board antenna, lower cost
DL-24N-S S:SMD Ceramic antenna Small size antenna, high performance
DL-24N-I I:IPEX connector base Can be connected with various kinds of 2.4g antennas 
DL-24NPA PA: RF power amplifier chip High output power up to 20dBm

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DL-24N Specification V1.0 do

Technical Parameter

DC characteristics

Description Min. Max. Unit
Power supply voltage 1.9 3.6 V

Working current

11.3mA@0dbm 13.5mA@2Mbps mA

Stand-by current

26uA@Standby Mode 0.9uA@Powerdown uA
Working temperature -40 85
Voltage of IO Port Vss-0.3 Vdd+0.3 V
Rate range  0.5 50 Kbps

Radio frequency characteristics (Unless otherwise stated, temperature 25 ℃, VCC 3.3V)

No Parameter

Reference Value


1 Applied Frequency Range 2400,—,2483.5 MHz
2 Frequency Interval —,100K,— Hz
3 Transmit Power (4 levels) -18,-12,-6 dBm

Receive sensitivity

—,-82,— dBm
5 Modulation mode ,GFSK, MSK
6 Transmission Speed  1.2,—,2000 Kbps
7 Harmonic power -48,—,-45 dBm
8 Communication Distance 80,—,120 M
9 Sensitivity at 2.4K —,-95,— dBm
10 Sleep Power Consumption
—,—,0.9 uA
11 Crysta Precision *3225/16MHz —,10,— PPM

Table 3: High Frequency Characteristic of the module

Pin Definitions


Pin No Pin’s Name Description
1 VDD Supply voltage, DC 1.9-3.6V
2 CE Work mode selection, TX or RX mode selection
3 CSN CSN=0 valid, SPI chip selection enable
4 SCLK SPI clock
5 MOSI SPI data input, MOSI
6 MISO SPI data output, MISO
7 IRQ Interrupt request port
8 GND Module grounding,Reliably grounded and close to the system filter capacitor
ANT PCB The original standard package, PCB onboard antenna



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