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Wireless Transparent Transmission LoRa Module with SX1278 Chip and UART Serial Port

Wireless transparent transmission LoRa Module (SX1278 Chip) with UART Serial Port
  • DL-RTS1278M

  • 433Mhz

  • SX1278

  • 2.1 ~ 3.6V

  • 3000m

  • 32*18*2mm


Wireless Transparent Transmission LoRa Module (SX1278 Chip) with UART Serial Port:

DL-RTS1278M is a high-performance wireless serial port LoRa module developed by DreamLnk for wireless meter reading and industrial remote control, it was embedded with high-speed low-power MCU and high-performance spread-spectrum RF chip SX1278, with LoRa spread-spectrum technology, while using efficient cyclic interleaving error correction coding, anti-interference and sensitivity are at the most advanced level in the industry. DL-RTS1278M provides multiple channel selections, and can online modify the serial port rate, transceiver frequency, transmit power, RF rate and other parameters. The default frequency is 434.125MHz. The working voltage of DL-RTS1278M is 2.1-3.6V, and only consumes 13mA in the receiving state. DL-RTS1278M has four working modes, which can be arbitrarily switched between the modes. In the 1SEC cycle polling wake-up power saving mode (Polling mode), the reception consumes only tens of microamps, a section of lithium at 3.6V / 3.6AH. The sub-battery can work for several years and is very suitable for battery-powered systems.


● 3000 meters transmission distance (0.81Kbps)

● Working frequency: 433MHz 

● -132dBm @ 810bps ultra-high sensitivity

● Maximum 100mW transmit power

● LoRa spread spectrum modulation

● Zero waiting to wake up, with air wake up function

● Efficient cyclic interleaving error correction coding

● Four working modes, standby current 2.5uA


● Wireless automatic meter reading

● Extremely long distance data communication

● Wireless sensor network

● Industrial automation data collection

● Field data remote control and telemetry

● Various transmitters, flowmeter intelligent instruments

● Building automation and security

● Monitoring and control of mine petroleum equipment

● Environment, energy saving, temperature monitoring

● Intelligent transportation, intelligent power

● Intelligent robot

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DL-RTS1278M Specification V1.1 do

Technical Parameter

Serial number parameter name Parameter value details
1 Module size 18.3 * 32.3mm (without antenna)
2 Device source All imported components, origin: Japan, the United States, Germany
3 Production Process SMT lead-free process, AOI automatic testing, in line with environmental certification standards
4 Interface method 1 * 7 * 2.54mm, universal board and Dupont wire can be used
5 Working frequency Default 434.125MHz, other frequencies can be customized 470-510MHz, 855-885MHz, 900-930MHz
6 Frequency step 1KHz setting step
7 Modulation LoRa spread spectrum modulation
8 Transmit power 100mW@3.3V (0-7, 8 levels adjustable, each level increases by 3dBm, maximum 100mW
9 Receive sensitivity -132dBm@0.81Kbps, -118.5dBm@18.23K bps

Air transmission rate

(Occupied bandwidth)

0.81K / (BW125K), 1.46K / (BW125K), 2.6K / (BW125K)

4.56K / (BW125K), 9.11K / (BW250K), 18.23K / (BW500K)

11 Interface rate 1200 – 115200bps
12 Interface verification method 8N1 / 8E1 / 8O1
Interface buffer space Double 256Bytes
14 power supply 2.1 ~ 3.6V
15 Emitting current (typical value) 100mA @ 100mW
16 Continuous receiving current 13mA@4.56Kbps, 15mA@18.23Kbps @reception rate (typical value)
17 Sleep current 2.5uA@3.3V (typical value), maximum 4.0uA
18 Transmission distance 3000 meters@0.81Kbps, 2000 meters@9.11K bps (open distance visible)
19 Antenna port impedance 50 ohm
20 Operating temperature -40 ~ + 85 ℃
21 Working humidity 10% ~ 90% relative humidity, no condensation



The DL-RTS1278M module has 9 pins, the specific definition is as follows:

Pin number Pin name Pin direction Pin usage
1 GND - Ground 0V
2 VCC - 2.1 ~ 3.6V
3 SET_A Input (with weak pull-up) Parameter setting A, pull-up resistor is about 47K
4 RXD Input (with weak pull-up) UART input port, TTL level, pull-up resistor is about 47K
5 TXD Output Output UART output port, TTL level
6 AUX Output Data input and output instructions
7 SET_B Input (very weak pull-up) Parameter setting B, pull-up resistance is about 10M
8 NC - Ground or floating
9 NC - Ground or floating