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824-960/1710-2170MHz Magnetic Base GSM Chuck Antenna

Magnetic base GSM band external omni-directional Chuck Antenna, used for data acquisition and signal transmission
  • 50Ω

  • DL-X019-GSM

  • 824~960/1710~2170MHz

  • D30*100mm (2M Cable)


824-960/1710-2170MHz Magnetic Base GSM Chuck Antenna with 3dBi High Gain

Antenna Introduction:

A Chuck Antenna is a commonly used antenna type in wireless communication devices, with the help of its magnetic suction cup, it can be easily attached to different surfaces, such as walls, windows, televisions, etc. The main principle of a Chuck Antenna is to use the metal coils on the antenna to achieve the reception and transmission of electromagnetic wave signals, thereby achieving wireless communication.

GSM antennas are suitable for the frequency range of 824-960/1710-2170MHz. Due to different wavelengths, they are generally used in combination to ensure network coverage, and meet your specific needs. This DL-X018-GSM Chuck antenna is compact in size, but features a stable performance and good standing wave ratio. It also has an excellent anti-vibration and anti-aging functions, which mainly used in smart meter devices, external car antennas, and other mobile wireless devices.

Antenna Characteristics:


● High gain

● Strong compatibility

● Good stability

Application Field:

 Smart Express Cabinet

 Security alarm

 Smart buildings, smart buildings

 Smart home

 Power monitoring

● Smart Industry

 Traffic monitoring equipment

 Smart Agriculture

● Temperature and humidity monitor


 Medical automation

 Wireless module

Electrical test report:

Frequency 824-960/1710-2170MHz
Impedance 50Ω
V.S.W.R ≦ 2.0
Polarization   Linear, Vertical
Gain 3dBi
Radiation direction Omni-directional
Power 10W
Connector SMA-J
Operating temperature -35℃ ~ 80℃
Relative Humidity 40 ~ 85%

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DL-X019-GSM Specification V1.0 do

Passive Data:

GSM Chuck Antenna

GSM Chuck Antenna

This Chuck Antenna can be installed to a better signal receiving position through an extension cable, which can enhance the sensitivity and stability of the antenna's signal transmission, improve the communication distance and signal quality, even in harsh environments.

Chuck Antennas can be used for various applications, e.g.: vending machines, car radios, courier cabinets, charging piles, car GPS, vehicle monitoring systems, etc.

Note: the specifications of the wire and connector can be flexibly selected.