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High Performance 2.4G RF Transceiver Module BK2425

DL-24BK25 is a compact, long-distance 2.4g wireless transceiver module, which was designed base on BEKEN’s BK2425 wireless transceiver chip, widely used in smart home, toy aeromodelling...
  • DL-24BK25

  • 2.4G-2.5Ghz

  • BK2425

  • -10~4dBm

  • 1.9~3.6V

  • -95dBm

  • 120m

  • 18*12*2mm


2.4G RF Transceiver Module with BEKEN BK242 Design

Module introduction

This DL-24BK25 is a compact, low-cost, long-distance 2.4g RF transceiver module, which was designed base on BEKEN’s BK2425 wireless transceiver chip. This module is widely used in smart home, toy aeromodelling, close-range data transmission control. Sensitivity can reach -85dbm, maximum transmission rate can reach 2Mbps, and output power can range from -10dbm to +4dbm through register configuration.

The 2.4G RF module is integrated with all RF related devices and has PCB onboard antenna, so excellent RF performance can be obtained without additional antenna configuration. You can easily develop wireless products with stable performance and high reliability directly, without in-depth understanding of RF circuit design, which will extremely shorten the development cycle.

There are 2 interface modes (SMD and DIP) been adopted, but manual welding is required due to different thermal expansion coefficient of the black glue and the binding wire inside. The small size of the module is convenient for portable products, and it can well meet the requirements of low-power system by combining with low-power MCU.


● Working frequency: 2400-2483MHz

● Working voltage: 1.9~3.6V

● Transmission distance: 120m in open air (250KHz)

● Programmable Carrier Detection, Digital RSSI Output

● Excellent selectivity and out-of-band isolation

● Gold plating PCB binding process, quite cost-effective

● With 10ppm precision cylindrical crystal, excellent performance


● Wireless game controllers, toys

● Wireless keyboard, mouse

● Consumer electronics and toy aeromodelling

● Wireless voice/audio transmission

● Data monitoring transmission

● Intelligent home control

● Remoter that support radio frequency (RF) technology

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DL-24BK25 Specification V1.0 do

Technical Parameter

DC characteristics

Description Min. Max. Unit
Voltage 1.9 3.6 V

Operating current

RX <16.5mA TX=18mA@4dbm mA

Stand-by current

<1uA uA
IO port voltage Vss-0.3 Vdd+0.3 V
Operating temperature -20 +65

Radio frequency characteristics (Unless otherwise stated, temperature 25 ℃, VCC 3.3V)

No Characteristics

Technical Parameter


1 Working frequency 2400,—,2483.5 MHz
2 Frequency interval —,100K,— Hz
3 Output Power  -10,—,4 dBm

Receive sensitivity

—,-89,— dBm
5 Modulation GFSK,2-FSK,OOK MSK
6 Transmission rate 1.2,—,2000 Kbps
7 Harmonic power -48,—,-45 dBm
8 Communication distance 80,—,100 M
9 Sensitivity in 2.4k —,-95,— dBm
10 Standby Power Consumption —,—,0.9 MHz
11 Crystal Precision *3225/ 2*6 —,10,— PPM

Pin Definitions


No Name Description
1 VDD Power supply voltage, DC 1.9-3.6V
2 CE Chip select enable port
3 CSN CSN=0 valid
4 SCLK SPI clock
5 MOSI SPI data input, MOSI
6 MISO SPI data output, MISO
7 IRQ Interrupt request port
8 GND Grounding
ANT PCB PCB onboard antenna as defaulted

Size and Layout:


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