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2.4G RF Transceiver Module BK24C

2.4G RF Module with Cost-effective 2.4G Built-in MCU, Transmit Power Around 12dBm
  • DL-BK24C

  • 2.4G-2.5Ghz

  • BK24C

  • -30~1dBm

  • 1.8~3.6V

  • -105dBm

  • 100m

  • 17*12*2mm


2.4G RF Module with Cost-effective 2.4G Built-in MCU

This DL-BK24C is a compact, low-cost, long-distance 2.4g wireless serial communication module. It adopts cost-effective 2.4g built-in MCU, can achieve two-way transparent data transmission with 12dBm transmission power, transceiver distance in an open filed can reach more than 100 meters. It can realize “many to one” or “one to many” with non-interference, all data will be processed by the product's MCU. The module contains 2.4g initialization and serial communication programs, which do not require any additional programming. It only needs to connect hardware and select the required baud rate and frequency channel to realize wireless data transmission.

DL-BK24C uses a double-sided solder pad, allowing the user to plug modules directly into the circuit board for wave soldering. And there are 4 baud rate ports (4800/9600/14400/19200) can be selected, while 9600 is default. And there are four frequencies (2458/2463/2468/19200) to choose, but 2473 is default. This 2.4G RF module has a CE sleep control port (default power on). Customers can use the MCU to control the module into the sleep and wake mode, reduce the standby current. 


● Working frequency: 2.4G(4 channels)

● Working voltage: 2.8~3.6V (3.3V is recommended)

● Transmitting power: 12dBm

● Transmitting current: 58mA

● Receiving operating current: 24mA

● Sleep current: 3.5uA

● Receiving sensitivity: -95dBm

● Data baud rate: 4800/9600/14400/19200

● Frequency channel:2457/2463/2468/2473M

● Data transfer mode: Transparent transfer

● Temperature range: -20~60℃


● Intelligent control system, Data transmission,

● Wireless sensor; Wireless Remote Control;

● Wireless security alarm system

● Remote LED, remote curtain

● Wireless remote-control system

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DL-BK24C Specification V1.0 do

Pin Definitions


Pin No Pin’s Name Description
1 VDD  Positive power supply 2.8~3.6V, 3.3V is recommended
2 CE Sleep Port (defaulted high-level, activate sleeping mode in low level)
3 RXD Data output TTL (connect product TX)
4 TXD Data input TTL (connect product RX)
5 N1 N2 Baud rate selection (defaulted 9600, as shown in the selection table below)
6 N3 N4 The frequency channel is suspended by default at 2473M, as shown in the selection table
7 GND For grounding



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