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Passive Infrared Motion Sensor (PIR Detector)

PIR motion detector (passive infrared sensor) is designed to detect human movement indoors.
  • S-PIR101-A

  • 433/315 MHz

  • 1527 Learning Code

  • -

  • DC 3V

  • -

  • <100m

  • 90*52*36.5mm


S-PIR101-A  PIR (passive infrared) Motion Detector, Proximity IR SensorFIR


Power Supply DC 3V Wireless Transmit Distance <100 m (in open area)
Standby Current <35uA Wireless RF Frequency ASK 433MHz
Alarm Current <19mA Temperature/Humidity 10-55/<80% 


PIR motion detector passive infrared sensor is designed to detecthuman movement indoors. Adopted advanced fuzzy logic chip andintelligent analysis distinguish signal between body movementand interference to minimize false alarms.

Infrared Sensor: Detect the infrared rays released by human body motion.

Note: please do not touch the surface and keep it clean.

Alarm Interval Time:

There are two optional intervals, 10s & 5min.If set 10s, it will alarm after 10s;

If set 5min, it will alarm after 5min. 

Note: the factory defaulted setting is 10s


1. The PIR motion detector is suggested to be installed in entry/exit.

2. Remove the battery protection strip.

3. Close the cover.

4. Use screw to fix the cover.

5. Use screws to fix the bracket of detector on the wall, attach thedetector to the bracket.' The fixing height is about 2~2.2m from theground.

б. Keep LED indicator at the right direction. Adjust installationheight or bracket to change the detectiondistance and angle.


When the power is on, walk across detection area and watch the LED indicator to make sure it flashes once when detecting themovement, After one detection, it will detect once every 10 seconds.


1. Avoid mounting the detector close to places where heat changes fast or air stream flows frequently.

(ie. Air conditioner, tube light, oven, waver, refrigerator etc.)2. Avoid it facing to window which can be easily interfered bycomplicated environment.

(ie. sunlight, crowds, or flowing cars etc.)

3. The product can reduce the possibility of accident, but the useris advised to take all necessary precautions for the safety and theprotection of the property.

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S-PIR101-A Specification V1.0 do


It is mainly used for corridor, staircase and public corridor; suitable for all kinds of residential quarters, home automation, safety protection, etc. 


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